Genshin Impact Sumeru Characters Share a Common Theme

Genshin Impact players noticed an interesting detail about the four playable characters belonging to the Sumeru region. The mysterious Dendro nation was added to the game in Update 3.0. The region also introduces the last remaining element, Dendro, which had a major impact on the game’s character metadata.

So far, Genshin Impact has introduced 12 different Sumeru characters, with five-star Dehya being the latest addition. She is part of the first banner cycle of the ongoing Update 3.5, which includes another Sumeru character, Electro user Cyno, also known as General Mahamantra.

Reddit user SofiaPizza pointed out interesting parallels between four different Sumeru characters Dori, Layla, Dehya, and Kaveh. The one thing all four characters seem to have in common is their laziness, at least in combat. For example, Electro user Dori doesn’t even hold her double-edged sword when performing a basic attack. Instead, her arms appear to float around her as she sits on the comfort of her pillow. When it comes to her power on the field, Dori is one of the best 4-star supports for players who need a lot of fuel in their team compositions.

Dori didn’t use her weapon, Layla fell asleep during the fight, Dehya didn’t move to kill her enemy, and Kaveh didn’t use his weapon. I think Sumeru is the laziest country of characters by u/SofiaPizza in Genshin_Impact Layla is a 4 star Cryo support, completely devoted to her studies, which often results in extreme sleep deprivation. Leila has reached such high levels of exhaustion that she develops an alternate personality while sleepwalking. Thanks to her elemental skill, Formally Focused Night, she can even fall asleep in battle, which creates a very powerful shield that protects her from incoming attacks even while she sleeps.

New 5-star Pyro user Dehya is one of the few characters that can deal damage even when the player is fully AFK. All Travelers need to do is upgrade Dehya’s “Firm and True” passive talent and equip her with the Ocean Clam artifact set. Passively causes Dehya to regenerate health when below 40% for 12 seconds. The artifact set’s four-piece bonus effect deals damage in an area while its wielder heals, creating a persistent DoT effect while her passive is triggered.

Dendro user Kaveh is the fourth character mentioned in this article, and while he hasn’t been officially added to the roster, a recent Genshin Impact special planned event has shown off his full kit. Similar to Dori, Kaveh avoids using his Claymore in combat, which according to some comments is completely in keeping with his personality.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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