Genshin Impact Reveals Most Used Characters in 3.6 Spiral Abyss

The Genshin Impact chart reveals the most popular characters in the current version of Spiral Abyss. This unique arena is widely considered the hardest in the game, as it requires players to use their strongest team combination to overcome all 12 floors.

Each floor has three rooms that contain various enemies that need to be defeated within a certain time frame for the traveler to collect rewards. These enemies have different elemental weaknesses, which means Genshin Impact players will need to adjust their teams to take advantage of these weaknesses.

Reddit user hammy851 shared an interesting chat revealing the most used characters in the current Spiral Abyss Phase 1. Topping the list with an 87% usage rate is the famous Dendro Archon Nahida, also known as the Lesserd Lord Kusanali, who is currently appearing in the limited role banner alongside Nilou. Currently, Nahida is by far the best Dendro character in the game due to her ability to constantly inflict Dendro damage. She’s also very flexible, thanks to her Elemental Burst, which provides different types of buffs depending on the element she’s interacting with. While Nahida’s primary role is support, if players manage to get most of her Constellation ranks, they can also have her in a primary DPS role.

3.6.1 Abyss data-character usage rate and popular teams (sample size :127584, April 16-April 30) by u/hammy851 in Genshin_Impact Currently the second most popular character in Spiral Abyss is Hydro bow user Yelan, recently Also appeared in limited banners. Her last banner appearance with Pyro user Hu Tao broke Genshin Impact’s overall revenue record. She’s probably the best 5-star Hydro support in the game, dealing a ton of damage even when she’s not on the field.

It’s no surprise that Pyro user Bennet is the highest-ranked four-star character on the list. Bennett has been an S-tier support since launch, thanks to his Fantastic Voyage, which provides one of the best healing in the game along with a decent damage buff.

In fourth place with a usage rate of 73.6% is another Archon, the popular protector of the Lightning Shogun, known as the Raiden Shogun. Like the other three Archons, Raiden’s strength lies in her ability to fit into almost any team composition in the game. Overall, Raiden Shogun is probably the most popular of Raiden Impact’s playable characters.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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