Genshin Impact Leak Teases Entrance to Fontaine

A new leak from Genshin Impact may reveal how players will get to the game’s next major area, Fontaine, in the first place, which is a marked departure from previous rumours. With the release of version 3.6 of HoYoverse RPG early last week, the developer introduced the latest expansion pack to the game’s playable area, expanding the Meru Desert to the north. The Sumeru Desert update was previously hinted to be the last update for the region, before the game made Fontaine its fifth major playable region in version 4.0. Players now have a better idea of how they will get to Fontaine.

Fontaine has seen some rumors and leaks hinting at what to expect from Genshin Impact’s next new area. Both in-game lore and leaks present the realm of Hydro Archon as a technologically advanced civilization whose central theme is “justice”. Several leaks have revealed in-game models of future playable characters in the Fontaine region, and recent rumors suggest that one of them will appear in the upcoming patch 3.7. Now, the road to Fontaine may take a different route than originally expected.

An update from Team China, a group of well-known Genshin Impact leakers, has revealed more information on how players will get to the Hydro region in version 4.0. A post shared by Genshin leaker Tao revealed that the route to the area will lead players from the game’s closest Sumeru area to Fontaine. This update comes after previous leaks heavily suggested that Liyue would receive the update before version 4.0, and it was rumored that Qiaoying Village would serve as the entrance to Fontaine.

Fontaine is the largest of several new areas rumored to be joining Genshin Impact in the near future, some of which are closer than others. A leak of Genshin Impact version 3.8, expected to launch in July, has teased a new limited-time zone coming to Teyvat. There are also rumors of expansions in Mondstadt and Liyue in the near future. Dornman’s Harbor in Mond City is expected to be introduced as a northern port town, while Liyue’s Qiaoying Village is speculated to be located in the northwest corner of the area.

While players will still be waiting months for Fontaine’s arrival, the HoYoverse looks to have enough to keep fans busy. Version 3.6 and new members of Sumeru joined the roles of Baizhu and Kaveh as two new users of Dendro. The latest element of the game will welcome another new addition, with Kirara revealed to be a Dendro Sword user from Inazuma, launching with version 3.7. Between new roles and new regions, Genshin Impact will grow substantially through the remainder of 2023.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile. A Switch version is in development.

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