Genshin Impact Leak Confirms Rumors About Version 3.8

A new Genshin Impact leak confirms long-running rumors about the status of the 3.8 update, which is expected to roll out in July. With the HoYoverse RPG seemingly starting to wrap up the story of the Dendro Archon region, many fans are looking to the future of the game. A fifth major area of Fontaine’s is heavily rumored to be joining the game later this year, focusing on water and tech. Now, fans can get a better idea of when Fontaine will arrive in playable territory.

Even though its debut is still a few months away, Fontaine has seen plenty of leaks detailing Genshin Impact’s Hydro Archon realm. Fontaine is said to be one of the most technologically advanced areas in Teyvat, and the Kamera gadget comes from this area. Leaks have teased several characters from Fontaine that are planned to be introduced when the region is added, and multiple NPCs from Fontaine have appeared. Now, a new leak reveals the planned end of Genshin Impact’s ongoing Sumeru cycle.

A recent update by Genshin Impact leaker Tao confirmed previous rumors about the status of the game’s version 3.8 update, which is currently expected to arrive in July. Tao revealed that version 3.8 is planned to be the final update of the RPG Sumeru cycle, with version 4.0 set to be released after its conclusion. The release cycle will follow HoYoverse’s Inazuma patch schedule from last year, with Sumeru’s debut following the version 2.8 update. HoYoverse has yet to officially confirm a release window for Fontaine.

While version 3.8 is set to mark the end of the Sumeru cycle, leaks have teased a number of major events planned for the patch. Patch 3.8 is rumored to introduce a new limited-time zone similar to the Isles of the Golden Apples, featuring events starring Klee and Yura, among others. Klee is expected to get her first skin during the event, while Kaeya, a free starter character, is also rumored to be getting a skin. Rumors also claim that Eula will appear on the rerun banner during the update, breaking her long drought in a limited rotation.

Fontaine, launching later this year, is expected to bring a ton of content to Genshin Impact in its first few updates. Leaks have begun sharing gameplay details for some of Fontaine’s first characters, such as Lyney, Lynette, and even Hydro Archon Focalors. A new addition to Fatui is also widely rumored to be playable during the Fontaine update cycle. HoYoverse looks like it has a lot in store for Genshin Impact fans until the end of Sumeru, the launch of Fontaine and beyond.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile. A Switch version is in development.

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