Genshin Impact: How To Open The Ruins' Gate (As The Khvarena's Light Shows: Nirodha)

While collecting great songs in Genshin Impact’s Khvarena of Good and Evil World Quest, players may be blocked by a door that requires solving a small puzzle. As Nassuna revealed, the solution to the Relic Gate lies in Rene’s investigative notes.

Thanks to Nasejuna’s guidance, players can head to Genshin Impact to collect the necessary great songs. One of these was found deep underground, hidden in the ruins of Khaenri’ahn. There will be plenty of puzzles and some tough enemies, so be prepared before jumping in.

How to open the door to ruins in Genshin Impact

the  ruins  gate  puzzle  in  genshin  impact To open the ruin gate in Genshin Impact, the traveler must find the correct symbols and their order. Nasejuna reveals that Rene’s investigation notes say : ‘Turn the gear so that all three types of runes are displayed. Make sure the square rune connects to the bottom triangle rune without changing said triangle. Summary :

Three runes must be visible (square, triangle, and W) The square and triangle need to connect to the triangle rune at the bottom No changes needed how  to  open  the  ruins  gate  in  genshin  impact The puzzle is simple, if by chance the traveler forgets the riddle to open the gate of the relic, then again Talk to Nasejuna so he can repeat. As for players who like to answer directly :

The W rune is on top, the square rune is in the middle, and the triangle rune is on the bottom. Luckily, the runes are not connected to each other, so changing one won’t interfere with the other symbols.

How to Reach the Underground Khaenri’ahn Ruins

ruins  gate  location  in  genshin  impact To reach the underground ruins of Khaenri’ahn, fast go to the teleporter north of Tunigi Hollow and head east. Go down the hill to find the entrance covered by tree branches. Fortunately, that’s not the Traveler’s job, as Sorush handles it in a brief cutscene.

If the player has not unlocked the Waypoint above Tunigi Hollow, teleport to the Asipattravana Swamp Waypoint and follow the dirt road west.

After Pari opens the way, continue through the underground Teleport Waypoint. Continue walking in the same direction, and finally find the gate of the ruins. Nasejuna was delighted that he had finally witnessed the ruins of Khaenri’ahn. On the other hand, Paimon comments that Nasejuna must have explored hundreds of such ruins.

Vijnanapati said he only knows about these types of ruins, thanks to a project called Rene’s Investigative Notes. It turned out that an ancient scholar had written a book in which many mysteries of various ruins were recorded. In addition, Rene also said that in this special ruin outside the door, unimaginable knowledge beyond ordinary people can be found.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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