Genshin Impact: How To Awaken The Power Of Khvarena And Disperse The Purple Mist (Asipattravana Itihasa)

Whether it’s lore or fun new puzzles, Genshin Impact’s new areas never fail to impress. Gavireh Lajavard and the Realm of Farakhkert made their debut in version 3.6, which contains the third part of the Meru Desert. In the area, players will travel with Pari named Sorush.

Although the scale of the expansion pack is not too large, the missions are full of puzzles and new mechanics waiting for you to discover. Genshin Impact is a veritable land of wits, and you’ll have to rely on your wits if you’re going to succeed in your adventure. One of the available quests for Sorush in this area is called Asipattravana Itihasa. It is part of the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest chain. In this quest, the player must clear some filth to free a Pari named Mihir.

How to awaken the power of Khvarena and dispel the purple mist in Genshin Impact

awaken-power-of-khaverna-genshin-impact To awaken Khvarena’s power and dispel the purple mist in Genshin Impact, Sorush must approach Khvarena among the thorny branches. Afterwards, use Thorush’s ability to awaken the power.

How to collect Nirodha fruit with Sorush and purify defilements in Genshin Impact

nirodha-fruit-cleanse-defilement-genshin-impact After awakening the power of Khvarena, Genshin Impact players must collect Nirodha Fruits to purify the dirt. To do this, use Sorush to approach a glowing flower near the thorny branch and use her skills. This will result in 8 Nirodha Fruits appearing which can be thrown using the Elemental Burst button.

Next, move and aim at the purple defilement, then release the nirvana fruit, purifying it. Do this to all three purple geese to complete the challenge.

Asipattravana Itihasa Quest In Genshin Impact

Mihir  Genshin  Impact  Asipattravana Itihasa is a quest in which the player must find Mihir. It can be obtained after the player talks to Zurvan at the end of the day’s Bright Skies quest.

Players must complete the above-mentioned dispersal and cleaning process twice before they can enter the area where Mihir is located. However, the player will soon discover that Mihir is also trapped in the purple mist. To free Pari, simply repeat the previous steps and defeat the enemies that appear with Dirt. One of the enemies that will appear is the Hydro Abyss Mage, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for that.

After waking up, Mihir will return to the Vorukasha Oasis, the homeland of the Pari people. This will end the Asipattravana Itihasa quest in Genshin Impact, bringing players one step closer to completing the Khvarena quest chain for Good and Evil.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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