Genshin Impact Fan Creates Incredible Jade Chamber Out of LEGOs

Since the inception of LEGO bricks, there have been many incredible creations using the variety of shapes toys have to offer, including this stunning Jade Chamber inspired by Genshin Impact. While many popular franchises have been given the official LEGO treatment, Genshin Impact fans have had to use existing tools to express their creativity, but this unique creation could inspire even more, perhaps even is a set of the future.

Genshin Impact was released in 2020, and since then, many fans have created impressive artwork and fan fiction, and have seen some collaborations with companies like Pizza Hut, Samsung, and Cadillac. With no real LEGO crossover to speak of, fans of the toy were left to show their love for Genshin Impact using their own devices, while others turned to the in-game Serenitea Pot feature. The Serenitea Pot was introduced in Genshin Impact update 1.5, and since then, many amazing player houses have been built – including an incredible Mario Kart track – though this LEGO build is probably the most impressive Profound.

Reddit user Tartaddy recently shared several photos of their custom Genshin Impact Jade Chamber LEGO set, showing the floating platform that usually looms over Liyue. In addition to simply creating the floating island and the buildings and vegetation on it, Tartaddy added a platform to represent the ground, roughly showing the scale of how tall the structure is from the HoYoverse action RPG. Going into detail with some close-ups, Tartaddy shows off the temple’s dome, bamboo stem, wood-textured gate and translucent side door with unique art.

genshin-impact-jade-chamber A soaring bald eagle is used to help represent the scale and how far above the ground this LEGO Emerald Room is at Genshin Impact Liyue, with the hovering island inches above the bird. In Genshin Impact’s Jade Chamber, players can find NPCs Baishi, Baiwen, Baixiao, and Zhenhai, and there are at least two in the string of images Tartaddy shared. While the Genshin Impact version of the Emerald Chamber is able to float above the off-moon region thanks to chunks of sunset cinnabar, Tartaddy uses two thin but sturdy LEGO columns that are barely visible from right angles.

According to Tartaddy, while the LEGO version of Genshin Impact’s Jade Chamber isn’t built to scale, it’s very similar to the location that’s accessible between the Equilibrium and Heart of the Glaze quests. Considering how many iconic Genshin Impact landmarks there are, Tartaddy will have plenty of samples of potential future LEGO models if they go ahead and recreate the world of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact is available now for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5.

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