Genshin Impact Fan Creates Adorable Windblume Skins for Klee and Sucrose

A Genshin Impact fan has created two impressive skin concepts for Mondstadt characters Sucrose and Klee. Characters are the focus of each new update, which makes sense since they are HoYoverse’s main source of income for the game. Despite their importance, characters don’t receive a lot of decorations, at least compared to other gashapon games.

The ongoing 3.6 release will introduce two brand new Dendro users, Baizhu and Kaveh. While the release of newer and more complex playable units has pushed some of Genshin Impact’s first characters out of the meta, many of them remain fan favorites.

Reddit user vlilacc has created adorable costume concepts for two popular Mondstadt characters, Pyro user Klee and Anemo alchemist Sucrose. These costumes are inspired by the famous WIndblume festival, an important annual event in the Anemo region celebrating a thousand winds. During this festival, the residents of Mondstadt offer Windblumes to Barbatos and those they love and cherish. Klee’s new outfit is called Patchwork Decora, and it represents Klee’s admiration for Mond and his people. It is also inspired by two important characters, Anemo Archon Venti and Jean, acting master of the Favonious Knights.

I designed Klee and Sucrose Windblume skins by u/vlilacc in Genshin_Impact, Sucrose’s skin is called Springtime Sweetheart and it’s based on a character from Honkai Impact 3rd called Seele. The skin looks very simple and elegant, and the color palette varies from white to light blue. Overall, fans seem to love both skins, with many reviews claiming they prefer the outfits to HoYoverse’s recent additions. The two latest Genshin Impact skins for Kamisato Ayaka and Lisa Minci were added back in update 3.4.

For the past few months, reliable leakers have been hinting that Klee might get skins during the Golden Apple Isles, another annual event that arrives in the summer. Players looking to get the Klee may get their chance in the next few months, as her banner appears in update 2.8. However, recent leaks also suggest that she might not be in the upcoming 3.7 update.

Although she was once considered the strongest DPS in Genshin Impact, the release of more powerful characters has slowly pushed her out of the meta. Sucrose shouldn’t be appearing on the new banner anytime soon, as she’s a four-star lineup in the limited character banner that previously featured Ayaka and Kamikawa as five-star characters.

Genshin Impact is available now on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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