Genshin Impact Concept Combines Childe and Thoma Into One Character

A Genshin Impact fan shared an impressive concept combining Childe and Thoma into one character. The anime-like designs of games are often used as a source of inspiration to create their own concepts in which they combine various traits from different characters.

Characters are the focus of each Genshin Impact update, and HoYoverse continues to expand the pool of playable units with each update. The ongoing second banner cycle of version 3.6 will introduce two brand new characters, Kaveh, the renowned Sumeru architect, and Baizhu, the current owner of Liyue’s Bubu Pharmacy.

Reddit user CWHardKnight shared an interesting concept combining Hydro user Childe with Mondstadt’s four-star character Thoma. The post garnered over 3.3k upvotes on Genshin Impact’s official subreddit and was well received by the community, with many fans claiming that it fits perfectly with HoYoverse’s usual character designs. The whole concept is basically Childe’s head combined with Thomas’ body. CWHardKnight is known in the community for creating similar projects that always get a lot of attention from fans. Some reviews have noted that this character is sure to be overwhelmed, as he is able to vaporize himself by combining his two elements, Hydro and Pyro, to trigger an elemental reaction.

‘Discount Childe’ – Childe and Thoma mixed in Genshin_Impact by u/CWHardKnight Ever since Thoma was released in update 2.2, players have speculated that the two characters might be related due to their similar personalities and overall designs. They also have great synergy, as Childe, also known as Tartaglia, can constantly trigger Vaporize thanks to Thoma’s excellent off-field Pyro application. Even though Childe was one of the first five-star characters to join the roster, he’s still considered an S-tier DPS character in Genshin Impact.

He has a unique playstyle that has the player constantly switching between melee and ranged combat. Despite being an archer, Tartaglia’s elemental skills allow him to equip a pair of hydro-electric daggers for higher damage. Players who want to add him to their rosters will have the chance to do so soon, as he was last seen alongside Yae Miko in the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.2.

Thoma is the last Pyro character to join the roster, aside from the recently added 5-star character Dehya. However, it doesn’t appear that any Pyro characters will be added anytime soon, as HoYoverse has confirmed that the new Genshin Impact character Kirara for update 3.7 will be a Dendro user.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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