Genshin Impact Chart Shows Most Popular Spiral Abyss Team Comps For Update 3.5

The Genshin Impact chart showing the most used team compositions in the current version of Spiral Abyss. The game’s combat system allows players to have up to four different characters in their party. This particular realm is considered by far the most difficult end-game content, as it requires players to deploy their strongest lineup.

Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss consists of 12 tiers, each one significantly harder than the previous one. Each floor has up to three rooms with different waves of enemies that change about every two weeks. That’s why Travelers need to constantly adjust their teams in order to take advantage of their opponent’s weaknesses.

A Reddit user named hammy851 posted an interesting graph showing the most used characters in the current phase 2 of the 3.5 Spiral Abyss. Topping the list is a squad of four different five-star characters—Ayaka Kamisato, Kazuha Fuedahara, Tomoji Sannomiya, and Kamikawa. The team is also known as the Permafreeze party because it revolves around the Frozen elemental reaction, which can stun hordes of enemies by combining Hydro and Cryo. Kokomi is a great Hydro support and can deal elemental damage even when she’s out of the field, making her perfect for this party.

Genshin  Impact  Spiral  Abyss  3.5 Two Cryo users, Ayaka and Kokomi, can be found on the ongoing Genshin Impact Limited Character Banner, players who want to add them should do so as soon as their banner expires on April 11th. The second most commonly used team type is the Raiden National Team, which consists of the Electro user Raiden Shogun and three 4-star characters Bennett, Hoshioka, and Koryo. These three four-star units are considered S-tier characters in their respective roles, despite their lower rarity.

Currently, Pyro user Bennett is the most popular character in Spiral Abyss with a usage rate of 87.3%. The third place is the steam team, including Hu Tao, Ye Lan, Zhong Li and Xing Qiu. The reason why this team became popular is probably because its two protagonists, Hu Tao and Ye Lan, appeared in the second part of the last update 3.4.

The double flags of Yelan and Hu Tao even broke Yuanshen’s total income record. Similar to Yiye, as a neutral support, Zhongli can equip the team’s main DPS Hu Tao with the strongest shield in the game.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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