Gamer Spots Funny Plot Hole With Elden Ring’s Iron Fist Alexander

A player pointed out an interesting plot hole about Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring. Players will encounter many interesting NPCs while playing Elden Ring, many of whom have their own unique questlines throughout the game.

Iron Fist Alexander is one of the most popular NPCs in the Elden Ring, probably due to his unique design. Users will initially find him trapped on the ground, but they will encounter Alexander several times during their journey through the world of the Elden Ring. Now, a fan has shared an interesting plot hole related to Tekken Alexander, questioning how he managed to move to various locations in the Elden Ring.

A Reddit user named a_French_in_a_trench shared a clip from Elden Ring showing Iron Fist Alexander inside the tunnel. Before examining the two doors that serve as the only entrance to the area, the player notes Alexander’s design in the Ring of Elden. Since Alexander is a living jar, the player wonders how he managed to get to this position in the first place. The post was mostly a joke, pointing out that Tekken Alexander’s moves contradicted the world design of Elden Ring, and the comment section was similarly filled with hilarious replies.

Some users joked that the door was ajar, while many players believed that Tekken Alexander used teleportation to get around the world of Elden Ring. This sparked a discussion about how fans would travel between the Elden Ring’s Graceful Lands, as gamers wondered if Alexander had the same ability. On the other hand, one user believes that Alexander went deep underground and tunneled to the area before replacing the soil. One player also wondered how Alexander the Fist lived and talked in the Elden Ring, with some attributing his entire existence to magic.

Overall, it’s an interesting contradiction that doesn’t seem to have a plausible explanation. Maybe there’s a reason hidden in the lore of the Elden Ring that hints at an answer, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive way to prove it.

Players should note that there is an entire questline related to Iron Fist Alexander in the Elden Ring, involving meeting him in a number of different locations. Its many steps will take players around the world of the Elden Ring, including a late game area called Crumbling Farum Azula.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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