Funny Elden Ring Clip Proves that Players Are Never Safe

A fun clip from Elden Ring proves that fans may never be safe playing this game. Even though Elden Ring is said to be more approachable than FromSoftware’s other games, it’s still a challenging game, and players can easily die even from common enemies.

Since its release in February 2022, many fans have shared clips of their unexpected deaths in the Elden Ring. For example, a video showed players dying easily while playing Elden Ring, and many users may have experienced accidental deaths while playing the game. Now, another player has uploaded a video proving that Elden Ring is sometimes unfair.

A Reddit user named Global-Tax7862 shared a short video showing their untimely deaths, emphasizing that players will never be safe while playing Elden Ring. It looks like Global-Tax7862 confronted the Abductor Virgin in the Elden Ring before deciding to jump into the building to avoid his spinning attack. The player successfully avoids taking damage, and it looks like they are safe inside the fence, as enemies can no longer approach them. However, Abductor Virgin unleashes a sickle-throwing attack through a nearby wall, an attack that kills Global-Tax7862.

As you can see from the image, the player’s total health is surprisingly low, so it’s no surprise that one-hit kills. The move drains about 75% of their total health, and if they boost their Vitality in the Elden Ring, they might be able to survive the attack. Some Elden Ring fans died due to poor health, and this clip is another reminder for players to increase the Vitality stat.

Enemies attacking through walls is not uncommon in Elden Ring or other games made by FromSoftware, it’s unfortunate to see players still die from it. Many users in the comments section have been talking about the issue and how the developers fixed the through-the-wall attack. One player in the comments reiterated that nowhere is safe when playing FromSoftware games.

It looks like a lot of players are dying from Abductor Virgins in Elden Ring, perhaps due to the same unfair circumstances as players have nothing good to say about this enemy type. In addition to the Abductor Virgins, players will face many annoying enemies in the Elden Ring, with the Lesser Runebears likely to top the list.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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