Fortnite Makes Controversial Changes To Late-Game Storm Circles

Several storm circles have now been tweaked in an attempt to balance the late game of competitive Fortnite. Many gamers like to boot up Fortnite so they can sit back and play a few games and relax, but not all of them do. Competition in Fortnite has been intense, with prize-heavy tournaments really taking off over the past few years. Competitive players train hard almost every day and must stay on top of every change made to the game.

Epic Games regularly updates the game. Players have a hard time keeping up at times, especially when developers add controversial items like last season’s blaster hammer and this season’s kinetic blade. In the end, Epic’s main goal is to keep competitive Fortnite balanced while keeping it as entertaining as possible.

In a recent tweet, the official Fortnite status account announced some changes to Circle of Storms 6 and 7. To prevent players from resorting to camping and healing later in the game, the storm circle will now start entering the storm shrink. What Epic Games hopes to see with these area tweaks is a reduction in the healing meta, where players try to stay alive in a storm for as long as possible while consuming all of their best healing items. While this is a perfectly valid game strategy, many viewers aren’t entertained by watching their favorite streamers sit in a 1×1 eating Floppers and using Chug Splashes to keep their HP up.

While some players were disturbed by the fact that the change was only announced a day before FNCS Major 2 Week 2, others were just content to see that Epic seemed to be trying to motivate players to win based on their in-game skill and not because of the storm Luck of circle area and HP recovery.

This season, there are various moving items that continue these camping strategies. The Kinetic Blade and ODM Gear, which were recently added to Fortnite, both help players quickly move to new safe zones, thus giving other players teams who just want to build around themselves and avoid combat as much as possible to reduce their chances of being eliminated.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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