Fortnite Leaks Suggest Raptors Might Return Next Season in a Big Way

Fortnite leakers have been digging through the files, and it looks like the Raptors could be back in action next season in a big way. Just a few weeks ago, Fortnite introduced its players to Boulder. The entire season revolves around this giant named location. Its futuristic, cyberpunk vibe gave the game a completely different feel, but many players were happy to see the change. Also added are fast turbocharged vehicles such as the Rogue Bike and Nitro Drifter.

As the MEGA season draws to a close, players are left guessing what’s next. Dataminers have started examining the files to try to figure this out. One of the many fan theories circulating in the community is that the game can actually now go back in time and relive various important Fortnite events.

The leaker discovered that Raptors had been added back to the file. They’ve also been updated, and they appear to have been given audio files to indicate that they’re taking a break or feeling tired. This suggests that if they were to return to Fortnite, they would likely be rideable animals. And, oddly enough, this actually supports the reverse island theory. The Raptors haven’t been seen since Chapter 2, and their return could mean that Battle Royale Island is returning to its origins.

Raptors will likely spawn in the Jungle biome which is also found in the Fortnite game files. Windcatch Lake, east of the megacity, is believed to be an inactive volcano that will destroy the city and allow it to be replaced by nature – and perhaps birds of prey.

Connection or not, many players were excited to hear that these creatures might reappear in the game. Some fans hoped that the Raptors’ reintroduction would show a Jurassic Park partnership — especially since the franchise will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Fortnite has collaborated dozens of times at this point, and this would be perfect timing for a Fortnite x Jurassic Park crossover event. There are also many opportunities in cosmetics. Soon, Chapter 4 Season 2 will come to an end, and players will be able to learn more about the next season.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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