Fortnite Leak Reveals More Details on Doctor Who Collab

A Fortnite leaker has shared more information about an upcoming Doctor Who collaboration, and fans are getting excited. Fortnite players are constantly getting new content like skins, weapons, and events, and according to this leak, Doctor Who fans can expect BR soon.

Fortnite launched in 2017. At first, the title of the game was supposed to be a cooperative third-person shooter with building mechanics, but when the battle royale genre exploded, the developers made everyone’s favorite battle royale mode. As with any battle royale game, weapons are an important part of every match. Recently, the developers of Fortnite added a new lock to the pistol, prompting players to learn how to use this new weapon to stay competitive in upcoming matches.

A Twitter user named iFireMonkey has leaked some new information about an upcoming Fortnite and Doctor Who collaboration that fans of both franchises are excited about. According to the tweet, the final reward for the U.N.I.T Code Red event is called the Sonic Showoff emote, which will also be sold in Doctor Who gear packs after the event. The developers will also add a new back bling called Dimension Cannon. This isn’t the first Fortnite and Doctor Who leak, so players should take this one with a little more confidence.

The Twitter user also revealed that if the event sells well, Epic Games is discussing selling a real-money Doctor Who bundle called “The Drums Bundle” in the future, which will also include cosmetic items and earnable V- bucks. Many Fortnite fans are excited about this new leak, and luckily, it’s not the only Fortnite leak of late.

Fortnite players are constantly being bombarded with new content. Gamers have a lot of skin options in Fortnite. Not long ago, the developers of “Fortnite” added Doom and Rivia’s Geralt to the game, further expanding the “Fortnite” skin lineup. Even anime fans were blessed with new content as the developers of Fortnite added Attack on Titan content in update 24.20.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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