Fortnite: How to Light 10 Lanterns at Lantern Fest Tour

During Fortnite’s Lantern Fest event, players can visit a fan-made island called the Lantern Fest Tour. For players who don’t see the map in game, they can use this code : 3691-9667-3697 to search for the island. One of the tasks players can complete is to find and light ten lanterns scattered across the map in order to earn XP and work towards other rewards. This guide will show Fortnite players exactly where the lanterns are located.

How to Light 10 Lanterns on the Lantern Festival Tour

Lantern 1

fortnite  lantern  locations  1 When Fortnite players first enter the Lantern Fest Tour island, they will see a large bulletin board at the top of the stairs. The first lantern is on the right side of the board – walk up to it and hit the interact button to turn it on.

Lantern 2

FskVrRLaEAEhIXj Leave Bounty Bolivard and follow the road northeast until the player sees the hut with the number “13” on it. Follow the path behind it to find the second lantern.

lantern 3

fortnite  lantern  locations  2 Continue heading northeast until the player reaches a designated location called Flawless Fashion. Lanterns will be outside the entrance near the fountain.

lantern 4

FskVrRHaMAAvzqQ Go north of Flawless Fashion and find the Furious Fighters. Go inside to find a lantern.

Lantern 5

fortnite  lantern  locations  3 Next, walk west to another location called Race Rumble. Walk into the building and immediately look to the right to see a lantern in the corner next to a photo with the number “5” on it.

Lantern 6

FskU4-bagAA7lE8 Leave Race Rumble and walk on the sidewalk leading west. There’s another lantern on the right side of the path, near the entrance to the Slippery Slide.

Lantern 7

FskVrQ9aMAEd_8S Continue west to find the magic maze. The lantern is just outside the entrance to the hedge maze.

Lantern 8

FskVrRCakAABLn3 Head south to Parkour Paradise and find the next lantern behind the “Coming Soon” sign.

Lantern 9

FskWUz2aMAAS5VN Go to the Cozy Court south of Parkour Paradise and go up the stairs between the Slap Juice place and the building with the picture of the pizza man with the mustache. Lanterns will be on top.

Lantern 10

FskWUz5aYAA2Os5 Last Lantern at Slap Juice in Cozy Court. We were rewarded with 46K XP for lighting all ten lanterns.

Fortnite is free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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