Fortnite: How To Find ODM Gear and Thunder Spears

After a long wait, Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger is now in Fortnite. Players who purchased the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass will finally be able to unlock the character for free as long as they complete enough in-game missions.

Cosmetics aren’t the only Attack on Titan content added to Fortnite. From now on, players will be able to find ODM Gear and explosive Thunder Spears on the Battle Royale map.

How to Find ODM Gear in Fortnite

promo  image  for  odm  gear  attack  on  titan  x  fortnite Players must find the Omni-Mobile Gear to complete Eren Jaeger’s quest and earn his skin. Still, they’ll probably want to find it afterward, as it’s a very useful tool to get into one’s inventory via a match.

The ODM Gear items work much like the current Vaulted Spider-Man Web-Shooters. With this item equipped, players will be able to swing from one place to another instantly. Arguably, this item could be better since it also allows players to attack and hover over opponents.

In Fortnite, ODM Gear can be found as Floor Loot, Common Chests, and Scout Regiment Footlockers. It has several controls; the player can use it to grapple, hover, and attack. If the player holds down the attack button, they will attack more than once.

While grappling, players can safely drop from any height; ODM Gear prevents drop damage.

Unlike Spider-Man Web-Shooters, ODM Gear doesn’t have a number to count down how many times it can be used – it’s based on how long it’s been used. There is an energy meter next to the icon in the Hotbar, and once it is fully depleted, the item disappears from the player’s inventory. Best of all, it can be used indefinitely in a row, but if the player touches the ground, it has a cooldown for recharging to be ready again – the more energy it consumes on a single use, the longer the cooldown.

How to Find the Thunder Spear in Fortnite

promo  image  for  thunder  spears  attack  on  titan  x  fortnite Besides the ODM Gear’s own attacks, the Thunder Spear is the only weapon the player can use when fighting from one place to another with the ODM Gear.

Thunder Spears can be found in the exact same places as ODM Gear, such as floor loot, inside regular chests, and inside Scout Legion suitcases.

Fortnite is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox.

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