Fortnite: How to Collect Coins around Coachella Island

The current chapter of Fortnite has gotten a lot of attention for what was added in season 2, namely a huge new city area that seems to be inspired by futuristic anime and cyberpunk media. MEGA City includes new vehicle types and Grind Rails to help players navigate neon-lit and rain-soaked streets while fighting them with kinetic blades. In fact, a recent update also fully added Attack on Titan content to Fortnite, including ODM crossing gear and swords for devastating aerial attacks.

In addition to the mainline competition, the Coachella event is also returning for another year in Fortnite. As expected, the crossover event also brings some new skins and other items for players to collect, along with its own unique gameplay and challenges to complete. Interested players can head to the special event island set up on the Fortnite creative side of the experience.

With unique rewards and challenges, here’s how Fortnite players can get to Coachella and collect all the coins scattered throughout the area.

coachella  skins How to Visit Coachella Island in Fortnite

First, players need to find the island under the creative menu in Fortnite. From this menu, players can enter the unique code 5449-4207-1280 after selecting the island code option.

Alternatively, Coachella can be found from the Discovery tab when changing game modes from the main menu.

How to collect coins around the Coachella Islands in Fortnite

Once the island is loaded, the player is free to explore and complete as many challenges as possible. One of the quests specifically asks the player to find 5 coins scattered around the map. Thankfully, the island is full of them, so finding five shouldn’t be too difficult. However, some are easier and quicker to find than others, so here’s a possible recommended route to completing this challenge quickly.

coin 1

Thankfully, the first coin is easy to find as it is located in the starting area where the player loads. Go through the Coachella arch and go straight to the challenge list to the right of the first coin.

coin 2

While the coins can be collected in any order, use the Push the Beat speaker transmitter to find the next closest coin. Arrive at BEAT Island, which is essentially a giant dance floor with flashing lights and booming stereo, and players can grab a second coin in the back behind the speakers.

coin 3

Find the Spectra launcher from BEAT Island and bring it to the giant iridescent glass building. Go inside, but make a quick left instead of walking into the item shop area. There is a small ramp and the third coin is not far up it.

coin 4

After collecting the third coin from the Spectra Island tower ramp, keep running up and find the fourth coin about halfway.

coin 5

At this point, continue running down the ramp to the top of the Spectra Tower. Eventually, players will find an area that resembles a triangular swimming pool, which they can jump into to access. When floating to the bottom, the player will see two doors on opposite sides, one with Exit written and the other with Enter. Go through the Enter doorway and follow the ramp into the underground nightclub. While Fortnite players are encouraged to use their emotes on the stage here, a fifth coin can also be found in this room.

fortnite  alto  skin alternative coins

Art Park also has some coins which can be easily obtained. One can be found directly in the middle of a large metal floral display, while the other can be found on top of an abstract artwork surrounded by a neon green ring.

Thanks to Fortnite Gliders, use Sky Stream to quickly travel through the game space to find another coin at the very top of the rainbow glass tower, where the player picked up three simple coins earlier.

Another can be found near the top of the Ferris Wheel attraction, while another can be found on a neighboring island where there’s an easy parkour session.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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