Fortnite Brings Back Trios

Not too long ago, Epic Games made the controversial decision to remove Trio playlists from Fortnite, but now they’re being added back into the game. There’s no doubt that Fortnite is in a state of flux and is constantly being modified. Every once in a while, weapons are removed, while other times new elements are added, or even opened up. The Fortnite community is huge, and it can be difficult to keep everyone happy while trying to make the game as balanced and fun as possible.

When Epic Games makes a decision about the game’s next move, it must first be thoughtful. It’s always important to analyze whether Fortnite’s fan base will approve or cause an uproar with displeasure. Fortnite has made its fair share of controversial changes this season, but it’s all about trial and error, and sometimes when a decision isn’t widely accepted, it’s not long before it’s reversed.

Recently, the three-player game mode of “Fortnite” was removed, which made many fans feel uncomfortable. Feedback from the community was so negative that Epic Games canceled it just two weeks after removing it. When the game mode’s return was announced, many players responded with celebratory GIFs, and some even commented that peace has now been restored.

Gamers looking to play Trios with their friends in the new Fortnite Ranked mode won’t be able to do so. It appears that this game mode is only available in casual matches, not in battle royale or zero-build ranked modes. One of the first things fans noticed after Ranked was released was how weird it was that not all team modes were available for it. Players who like to play regular battle royale can play ranked solo, duo and squad, but those who don’t like building and would rather play zero build can only play ranked duo.

Despite not being available in Ranked Mode, players are mostly happy to know they can play Trios again. In the two weeks since the Trios disappeared, Fortnite players either had to resort to autofill matches with random strangers, or they had to play at a disadvantage against full squads. Originally, Fortnite Trios started as a limited-time mode, but it became so popular that it was eventually kept. Hope it’s here forever this time.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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