Fortnite: All Chapter 4 Season 2 Reality Augments

There are constant changes whenever a new Fortnite season starts, so some fans are worried that they won’t be able to use Reality Augments once Chapter 4 Season 2 goes live. Thankfully, that’s not the case, and players who love the feature will still have access to it throughout the new season.

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Some changes were made and some old favorites – such as Shotgun Striker Augment – are no longer available. This guide will cover all the Augments that remain in Fortnite, added, and vaulted indefinitely.

Updated March 31, 2023 By Ashely Claudino: Fortnite is constantly receiving new updates to keep the game as entertaining as possible. Once the list of Augments for this season came out, some players thought it looked short at first, but hinted that more Augments will be added to the game as the season progresses. In a recent update, Epic Games added seven Reality Augments; some are new and some are making a comeback. This guide has been updated to include the latest additions, and the Arch extension has also been removed from the list.

How Augmented Reality Works

activating  augments  in  ofrtnite Initially, there were only 17 Reality Augments, but currently, with all updates released, there are 23 Reality Augments available in Fortnite. The 24.10 update adds five new Augments to the game and brings back two from last season, so players can look forward to unlocking Game Time, Go For Broke, Springtime Blowout, Aquatic Warrior, Rail Warrior, as well as Icy Slide and Exotic Grab Bag. Unfortunately, Treasure Hunter is currently in custody.

As happened last season, this number will likely continue to increase as the season progresses and more updates are made to the game. Players will have to get used to these Augments, as many are brand new.

Once the battle bus leaves the starting island and begins its usual route, a two-and-a-half-minute countdown begins; once it hits zero, augmented reality becomes available, and players can choose from one of two options. Alternatively, they can re-roll and try to get an Augment they like.

Re-rolls back to original 100 Gold Bar price tag. So, just like when they first launched, the first reroll of the game is free, and subsequent rerolls require 100 squares. Contrary to the original idea, multiple re-rolls will not increase the player’s chances of unlocking new Augments – the re-rolls will always fall on perks the player has already earned.

Gamers are more likely to stumble upon certain Reality Augments, while others are less likely. The only way to accelerate unlocking these abilities is to play and survive long enough to activate as many enhancements as possible.

Augmented reality available

chapter  4 season  2 augments  in  fortnite Players can activate up to four Reality Augments per match. Once they’ve locked their pick, they won’t be able to replace it or get rid of it – a decision that stays with them until they’re eliminated or earn a Victory Royale.

None of these abilities will hinder a player’s gameplay, but some abilities can give them a game-changing advantage, depending on their playstyle and the type of weapon they choose to carry in their inventory. Experimenting with various Augments is also great, as it gives gamers the chance to develop unique and innovative strategies for mixing things up.


Reality Augments in the Combat category designed to improve the arsenal of weapons available in the game. They can give the player an advantage when they come face to face with enemies.

category number




finger lightly

Weapons using light ammo reload faster. This buff makes SMGs and pistols more valuable by increasing their reload speed by 25%.


Dignified finish

Removed the cooldown of the refresh Kinetic Blade sprint attack. Every time a player defeats an enemy player, their Kinetic Blade will automatically recharge.


Shotgun Recovery

Weapons that use shotgun ammo have a chance to not consume ammo. As of now, this Augment only works with shotguns, but if the Ex-Caliber Rifle is brought back into the game later, it will activate with this weapon as well, since it uses shells as ammo.


sniper surplus

Sniper rifles gain an extra ammo in their magazine. Last season, Augment was an afterthought, but this time, it’s been here from the start. When using a heavy sniper, players don’t have to reload after every shot; they only need to reload every second shot.


Medium Ammo Booster

Medium ammo weapons have increased magazine capacity. All weapons that use rifle bullets have a 10% increase in magazine capacity.


Exotic Clutch

Players will receive a random Heisted Exotic Weapon. There are five unique Exotic weapons with special power-ups; they were previously featured in the “Most Most Wanted” limited-time event, and players can now earn them by activating this Augment.


game time

Players receive one Pizza Party and three Chug Splash cans. The Pizza Party item was saved a while ago, but players can now get this exclusive item if they decide to activate the Game Time Reality Augment. This item will restore health and shield up to 150 HP.


put all one’s eggs in one basket

Players will receive a Charge Shotgun and Flintknock pistol. Whether the player is ready to fight or flee, both weapons serve a variety of needs.

game changer

As the category name suggests, Game Changer Augments are perks that cannot be earned in any other way in-game, which makes them especially valuable. Although they may be relatively rare, both Aerialist and Chug Gunner Augments can change the course of a match for players who choose to activate it.

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category number





Players gain the ability to deploy a glider. The Aerialist is definitely a fan-favorite Reality Augment, as it allows players to switch on their glider at any given time during a match – great for maneuvering and avoiding fall damage.


Tug shooter

Players receive Chug Cannon. The Chug Cannon is an exotic and rare healing gun that users can use to throw bandages at themselves or teammates and automatically heal them. It also starts recharging after throwing an item, so it can be used indefinitely.


Aqua Warrior

Players move faster and restore health and partial shields while swimming, except in storms. It’s hard to walk through the water when there aren’t any boats nearby. Thankfully, Aquatic Warrior Augments make it easier for players to navigate the water, and even give them additional benefits by providing health and shields.


spring blowout

The player receives an egg launcher. This enhancement will most likely only be available during the Springtime Blowout event. If so, players will be able to enjoy it until April 11 at 12AM ET. Until then, players can easily grab this classic Fortnite spring-themed grenade launcher.

mobile reconnaissance

Enhancements in this category make it easier for players to move around the map or scout potential enemies.

category number




shadow raider

Players have a chance to find Shadow Bombs in containers they open. Shadow Bombs are only obtainable through this buff; when used, they render the player invisible to any opponent and grant them the ability to wall jump. This is great for sneaking up on enemies and reaching higher ground.


more parkour

The player’s energy is briefly recharged after jumping over or after a hurdle.



The user’s vehicle has increased health and only consumes fuel when boosted.



Enemies hit by the player’s rifle shots are marked for a short period of time.


ice slide

Players gain a brief icy speed boost after gliding. This can be seen as a good or a bad thing, and not every gamer will want to activate this buff – especially since once the buff is activated, it will be permanently on until the end of the game. The icy effect increases the player’s speed, but also makes the ground very slippery – players must be careful when using this Augment on hills or hills.


rail warrior

Players regain health and partial shields while on rails or ziplines, except in storms. This Augment is perfect for players who prefer to land in Mega City, as its buildings are surrounded by grinding tracks; as is the northern snowy region of the map, which has tons of ziplines.


The Loot Enhancer increases the player’s loot ability, making it easier to obtain certain items such as ammo, keys, or healing items.

category number




slap surplus

Players will always find an extra Slap Juice in each chest they open.


ammo slide

Players gain medium ammo when swiping. After activating this Augment, players can swipe to increase their SMG and pistol ammo at any time. This is easy to do in the snowy areas of the map, where there are lots of slippery icebergs.


dumpster diving

When the player leaves the hideout, loot will spawn nearby, but only once per hideout. While this Augment doesn’t sound like anything special, it’s easy to take advantage of in certain locations on the map, namely Frenzy Fields; while visiting the Frenzy Fields farm, players will find tons of haystacks, dumpsters, and even One of the toilets.


jelly angler

Players receive a fishing rod with which they can fish anywhere, but they can only catch jellyfish.


key master

Players will receive two Hologram Keys. Holograms are scattered throughout the map, and once a player has acquired a Hologram Key, they will be marked on the map – they simply need to head to the nearest lock to see what a nearby Hologram has to offer.

In a recently released update, the Treasure Hunter enhancement (marking nearby treasure chests whenever a player enters a POI for the first time) has been removed from the game. This enhancement works the same as when gamers claim to name locations, so even if it’s removed, players can still find another way to mark nearby chests.

Vaulted Augmented Reality

Unfortunately, not all of the Reality Augments from Chapter 4 Season 1 will make it to the new season. Last season started with 22 Augments, but as time went on and more updates were released, that number eventually grew to a solid 36. This time, there are only 23 Augments, 11 of which are new. So, of the 36 Augments, only 12 made it to Season 2. For players wondering if their favorite Augments have been removed, here’s a list of all Arch Chapter 4 Season 1 Reality Augments:

First Assault Pistol Amp Bow Specialist Mechanic Archer Demolitions Munitions Rifle Recycle Tactical Armory Rushing Reload Shotgun Striker Danger Hero Rift-jector Seat Last Shot

Rarity Check Mythic Munition Bush Warrior Party Time Tricked Out Forecast Storm Mark Soaring Sprints Zero Chance Splash Medic Peely’s Plunder Harvester

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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