Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Are Sold Out and Going for Ridiculous Prices Online

Players who can’t buy a physical copy of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will no longer be able to pay a reasonable price. The official website of this product has been taken off the shelves, and it needs to be purchased from scalpers, and Square Enix has not officially provided more Final Fantasy remakes.

Ever since the console versions of Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters were released, fans who own a PS4 or Switch have eagerly awaited their release. These remakes of the first six Final Fantasy games feature improved graphics, music, and new fonts, and were previously only available on PC and mobile. That changed this week, but players planning to get physical copies of these games may be disappointed.

Unfortunately, the console version of Final Fantasy Pixel Remake is facing a shortage of physical copies, which are selling for ridiculously high prices online. The reason is that Square Enix produced a limited number of physical copies, and since Final Fantasy is its most famous franchise, it sold out quickly. As spotted by Wario64, these are no longer available in the Square Enix store, and only a handful of copies have been sold in Asia, and that likely won’t be the case for long.

final-fantasy-pixel-remaster-ebay final-fantasy-pixel-remaster-ebay-2 It’s not hard to find crazy prices on eBay. The Standard Edition, which includes only the game, costs $75 and is currently on sale for over $300. Gamers who want an anniversary edition might find it on the site for as much as $1,200, and it comes with vinyl, an art book, and some models, and it was supposed to sell for $250. Luckily, players can still access the games digitally, so unless they’re avid collectors, they won’t need to pay these ridiculous prices, but for those of you who demand these classic Final Fantasy titles to be released on PS4 and Switch, here you go! That said, it’s still bad news.

Final Fantasy fans eager to try out other remakes besides this one should know that a prominent game insider has claimed that a Final Fantasy Tactics remake is coming soon. It’s one of the most anticipated remakes for Tactics fans, and while Jason Schreier didn’t talk much about it, he seemed to confirm rumors that the game might be in development and eventually released.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered is now available for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, and Switch.

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