Final Fantasy 16 Devs Reveal Their Top 3 Favorite Final Fantasy Games

Some of the key developers behind the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI have just revealed their three favorite games in the JRPG series. Final Fantasy has a history of over 35 years, so the franchise is old enough that most of these developers played at least some of the games when they were young, and even helped develop some of them, so they’re right about the best The games have strong perceptions of those.

The Final Fantasy series was one of the best JRPGs of the ’90s, but recent titles have failed to garner the same recognition. Now, the developers behind Final Fantasy XVI are on a mission to recreate the success of those classic games, and while they’re doing it, they’ve taken the time to remember some of the series’ most successful entries.

Recently, several of the game developers behind Final Fantasy XVI told IGN what their favorite games in the series are. For example, FF 16 director Hiroshi Takai chose Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 6, and Final Fantasy 10 as his top three. According to him, the fifth is his first work as a developer, and he likes the combat system, which is why this is his favorite. Creative developer Kazutoyo Mehiro, who chose FF 5, Tactics, and 12, also praised FF 5’s combat system and defined it as inspiring. Combat director Ryota Suzuki decided on FF 3, 10 and 5. His favorite was the third game, which encouraged him to play more RPGs and debuted a system where he could change classes.

Final  Fantasy  16 Torgal  Pets Other developers interviewed include Naoki Yoshida (producer), Hiroshi Minagawa (art director), and Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (localization director). Yoshida mentioned Final Fantasy 1, 3, and 7 as his options, while Minagawa settled on 3, 5, and 12. In the end, Koji Fox chose FF 5, 11 and 14. Oddly enough, every developer mentions Final Fantasy 5 in their listings, which may raise questions about how much it influenced the development of Final Fantasy 16, which was canceled for obvious reasons. excluded from their choice.

Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled to be released next week, and players can already play the demo version of Final Fantasy 16 to see the work of these developers before deciding whether to buy. Any PS5 owner can download the trial version for free, and they’ll have the chance to experience Clive’s abilities for about two hours.

The PS5 version of “Final Fantasy 16” will be released on June 22.

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