Final Fantasy 16 Demo Appears on the PlayStation Store

A demo of Final Fantasy 16 has appeared on the PlayStation Store, hinting at an announcement soon. One of the biggest new releases of 2023 is Final Fantasy 16, which launches on PS5 in just a few weeks.

Square Enix has previously confirmed that a demo will be available sometime before Final Fantasy 16’s release. The demo is said to launch two weeks before Final Fantasy 16 comes out, and if players buy the game, their save data will carry over to the full game. Final Fantasy 16 demos have started appearing on the PlayStation Store now, so Square Enix may be planning to reveal it soon.

Originally spotted by a player on Reddit, demos for Final Fantasy 16 have started appearing on the PlayStation Store, especially when using mobile devices, according to Push Square. Fans should note that gamers aren’t able to download the demo just yet, so it looks like only its store page is live for now. Push Square couldn’t replicate it, but it looks like the demo was only shown to players who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XVI.

This was confirmed by a user in the comments section, as they claimed that the Final Fantasy 16 demo only appeared after they pre-ordered the game. Some players shared their own images and demos in their libraries, while others lamented pre-ordering the physical version of Final Fantasy 16. It seems like someone made a mistake that caused the store page to go live too early, but anyway, users can’t download the demo right now.

Final Fantasy 16 received plenty of praise ahead of its release, and this demo promises to give fans a great hands-on experience with the game. It’ll be interesting to see how much content this demo offers, and whether players will be rewarded when transferring their save files to the full version.

Fans should note that Final Fantasy XVI is an action game without turn-based elements, but Square Enix has added different types of items that will make the game easier for users. For example, Ring of Timely Evasion allows protagonist Clive to automatically dodge attacks, while Ring of Timely Strikes allows players to perform complex actions with a simple button press. Overall, Final Fantasy 16 seems to be trying to ease users into the combat system, and this demo gave them a critical hands-on time.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on PS5 on June 22.

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