Final Fantasy 14: Housing Auto Demolition Coming Back

Final Fantasy 14 will resume automatic demolition of all data center housing parcels that were exempted from the clock starting in February 2023. Housing in Final Fantasy 14 is a somewhat contentious topic in the community, as the number of available lots is often lower than the population of the demand server. The recent Wards expansion of all housing estates has greatly alleviated this problem, but some players are still at the mercy of the housing draw in Final Fantasy 14.

While the system was restored in the Endwalker 6.3 patch, Square Enix suspended automatic house demolition for Final Fantasy 14 players from Europe as a way of showing sympathy for Turkish and Syrian players affected by the February 2023 earthquake. Affected Light and Chaos datacenters enjoyed a grace period during the patch, but with the launch of The Dark Throne, Square Enix prepared a detailed note on how to reimplement the demolition timer.

Starting June 21 at 8:00 GMT, the two European data centers in Final Fantasy XIV will once again be affected by automatic house demolition. Players who logged in at least once during the grace period will reset their demolition timer and start over from June 21st. On the other hand, inactive Final Fantasy 14 players who haven’t logged in since 17:25 GMT on February 9th will have their timer restarted from the number of days accumulated before the car removal suspension.

empyreum  final  fantasy  14 housing  ishgard While Island Sanctuaries took major steps in Final Fantasy 14 to provide players with instanced housing, private estate owners still enjoy a host of luxuries that apartment owners and homeless players do not enjoy, such as owning a private land Stable houses for running birds, use lucrative gardening systems, and more. Even though Square Enix is now better able to scale its servers to handle Final Fantasy 14’s growing population, many players wonder if Uptown’s approach to housing was flawed from the start.

While it remains to be seen if Square Enix will add another housing estate to the game, there’s no denying that the Ishgard residence greatly expands the number of plots available to players, and fans often list the Sharlayan residence as an upcoming The Final Fantasy Wishlist 14 expansion. Ultimately, it could take years for Final Fantasy 14 to find a solution to the housing crisis that satisfies everyone in the community, and until then, it has to take the “way of less evil.”

Final Fantasy 14 is currently available on PC, PS4, and PS5.