Fantasy MMO Chrono Odyssey Releases Action-Packed Gameplay Reveal Trailer

A gameplay trailer for the gorgeous fantasy MMO Chrono Odyssey has been released. Chrono Odyssey is a name that even MMO fans can’t remember. It’s been mentioned briefly over the past few years, but it’s taken longer to be ready to show than developer NPIXEL might have expected. However, NPIXEL is now ready to take the next step, and it seems likely that Chrono Odyssey’s impressive gameplay will leave its mark on the memories of MMO fans.

Chrono Odyssey was first announced in late 2020 as an open-world fantasy MMO for Unreal Engine 4. The project is produced by NPIXEL, the developer of a game called Gran Saga that only recently released globally in 2023 outside of Korea. This early-release trailer surprised many with its stunning detail and dark atmosphere. Think Black Desert meets Final Fantasy 16. Unfortunately, Chrono Odyssey disappeared for a while, leaving interested MMO players wondering what its status was.

NPIXEL is back and ready to reveal what the 2023 Odyssey will look like, now upgraded to Unreal Engine 5. Chrono Odyssey’s Twitter account became active in early April, sharing various concept art and promising to reveal a gameplay trailer starting in May. The trailer is available now, so it’s worth the wait. The 4-minute long trailer is a mix of engine animations, exploration, and intense combat.

Key details to watch include Chrono Odyssey’s open world, which NPIXEL also describes as “constantly changing,” with new weather and environments being introduced each season. Also on display is the fast-paced action combat of A Spacetime Odyssey. Eighteen different jobs have been previously announced, many of which were featured in the trailer. Swift archers, armored swordsmen, and robed mages are likely just the beginning of the combat variety in A Chrono Odyssey.

Another major feature to recognize is Chrono Odyssey’s multiplayer combat. While plenty of solo battles are shown, there are also fights in small groups and large corporations. The party has four different players fighting a behemoth and then a fire-breathing dragon. This larger battle, which featured dozens of players having to take on a large winged void creature, gave us a glimpse into the massively multiplayer experience that Chrono Odyssey will offer.

NPIXEL clearly has a lot more to share about the upcoming MMO, but this gameplay trailer is tantalizing at first glance. Time and Space Odyssey’s open world, complex career system, epic time travel story, and details of the release date and monetization plan will have to wait. Hopefully NPIXEL won’t make MMO fans wait a few more years for the next Chrono Odyssey update.

Chrono Odyssey is in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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