Fan Makes Incredible Persona 4 Xbox Controller

A crafty Persona 4 fan recently shared online an impressive custom Xbox controller inspired by Atlus’ iconic role-playing game. The unique gamepad has gone viral on social media just as rumors of a Persona 3 remake are heating up again.

The Persona game has long been a cult favorite, inspiring countless arts and crafts enthusiasts over the years. As a result, many talented fans continue to regularly share high-profile efforts for Persona-style Switch Joy-Cons and other controllers.

The latest example of this trend comes from Reddit user aitkxn, who recently showed off an impressive Persona 4-themed Xbox controller design online. The custom paint job features Persona 4’s signature yellow accents, along with main character Yu and Izanagi on his Persona grip. The front of the controller even features the game’s drop-in TV theme, while its battery cover is adorned with the familiar TV, further emphasizing the design’s great attention to detail.

In response to some questions from fans about the gamepad, aitkxn revealed that the custom paint job was a birthday present for their other half. While this particular Persona 4-inspired design ended up adorning an Xbox Core wireless controller, the artist also said that they might make a PlayStation variant in the future, seeing how they currently own Sony consoles.

While the creators of this unique Persona 4 gamepad didn’t share any details about their process, a close-up photo of the controller reveals a grainy finish, suggesting acrylic or plastic matte paint enhanced with a clear coat spray . This is a fairly popular technique for custom controller paint jobs because it promises long-lasting results, especially when combined with plastic primer spraying. Some artists also use plastic gloss paint for a shinier effect, but this is purely a matter of style and preference.

The artistic skills required for this custom paint job obviously can’t be learned overnight. But if Persona fans are happy with a controller with a similar yellow hue, you can order it right now. Not least because the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller gained new design options earlier this month, allowing fans to use the Xbox Design Lab to create “billions” of potential configurations, according to Microsoft’s announcement. While the customizer doesn’t allow for custom artwork, the options currently available are diverse enough for fans to create Xbox controllers that match Persona 4’s yellow and silver color palette.

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