Fallout 76: How to Use the Ammo Converter

In Fallout 76, the Ammo Converter is a utility for swapping bullets. It turns unwanted ammo for players into AmmoPoints, which they can use to purchase four types of ammo: ballistic ammo, energy ammo, explosive ammo, and other ammo.

This equipment was added to the game as part of The Legendary Run update, but it is currently a Gold-Bullion exclusive item. With that, here’s how to get and use the Ammo Converter in Fallout 76, since it’s not a seasonal perk.

How to Use the Ammo Converter in Fallout 76

image  showing  how  to  use  the  ammo  converter  in  fallout  76. After placing the Ammo Converter in the CAMP, interact with its terminal and exchange AmmoPoints for ammo. To do this, put all unwanted ammunition in your personal inventory, determine the type of bullet, and click “Sell”. To purchase ammo, specify the type and quantity of bullets, then select Buy.

The current AmmoPoint cap is 100,000, which means players cannot accumulate more points than that cap. If the limit is reached, they must unload some AmmoPoints at the converter, otherwise the machine will not work.

Because ammo converters are not exclusive to the player, they can be shared with others. AmmoPoint data for all players, regardless of owner, will be accessible through any converter in Appalachia.

The Ammo Converter is divided into two parts : Converter and Terminal. Interacting with the former (transformer part) makes no sense as it just repeats an animation. To convert their bullets, players must use the latter, the terminal.

How to Get an Ammo Converter

image  showing  the  ammo  converter  location  in  fallout  76. To get the Ammo Converter, buy its plans from Mortimer in Crater Core or Minerva in Minerva Born. The cost to buy the blueprint from Mortimer is 1250 gp. But Minerva offers it for $938. Another option is to buy an Ammo Converter for 500 Atoms from the Atom Shop.

Once you know the plan, craft an ammo converter at CAMP using the five copper, circuit, glass, gear, and steel materials.

Either way, players will only receive one ammo converter plan. But there is no limit to how much they can build.

The initial release of Things to know about ammo converters

Ammo Converter was quite controversial. Most players find it unusable, and many others struggle with its bugs. But recent patches have improved the equipment, and it’s now a must-have for any CAMP.

This is what changed :

AmmoPoint limit increased to 100,000. It used to be 2000. The user interface has changed. Players can now buy and sell ammo in the same area. Ammo Converters still doesn’t work with alien blasters, camera rolls, fusion or plasma nuclei, and paddle balls. The Ammo Converter Project will only appear in Mortimer’s inventory after reaching the Friendly reputation level in the raid. Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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