Fallout 76: How to Place and Move CAMP

CAMPs are portable crafting and assembly structures in Fallout 76. The term stands for Building Assembled Mobile Platform, and refers to equipment around which survivors can build a base. Previously, each player could only have one CAMP on a server. But after the Locked and Loaded update, the limit increased to five.

But the problem for many beginning Fallout 76 players is how to place and move the CAMP. They want to know how to efficiently build bases and reposition them if necessary. So, this is a complete survival manual.

How to place a CAMP in Fallout 76

A  player  constructs  their  c.a.m.p  in  fallout  76 Placing the CAMP is easy. Turn on the Pip-Boy and place the device on the C.A.M.P. plane. Then lay the foundation in the green area, add doors, walls and roof, and fill it with necessary items like beds, pumps and workbenches.

Although the Locked and Loaded update allows for five CAMPs, players can still only place one on the map. In other words, there cannot be more than one Active CAMP on the map. Players must toggle their CAMP Slots on and off to use all five.

Building a CAMP in Fallout 76 takes planning. To obtain them, capture and defend workstations, buy them from vendors, loot them in containers, or acquire them as rewards for quest completion.

How to move the CAMP

image  showing  how  to  move  camp  in  fallout  76. To reposition the CAMP, press Tab (B or Circle on the console) to turn on the Pip-Boy, then select “Move C.A.M.P.” Then go to another location and place the device on a suitable surface.

Note that CAMP does not move with the structure. After relocation, the structure from the previous location is added to the Stored section of Build Mode. Players will need to find and rebuild them again in new areas. But it doesn’t cost extra resources.

There is no limit to the number of times a player can move their CAMP. But repositioning comes at a price. The first replacement costs 5 Caps, and the price increases each time the CAMP moves.

How to Break Down a CAMP Blueprint

image  showing  how  to  break  up  a  camp  blueprint  in  fallout  76. Mobile CAMP automatically turns structures into blueprints. To break down these plans, enter Build Mode (hold V), go to Saved, and press R on the blueprint. This separates the plan and adds its items individually to the Stored section.

Breaking down a CAMP blueprint requires a budget and requires free space in your inventory. But extracted items don’t consume any resources.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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