Fallout 76: How to Get the Raider Power Armor

Made from recycled debris, the Raider Power Armor is an early game protective suit in Fallout 76. It is only worn by novice PA players at level 15 or above. It is also considered the weakest power armor of all variants. However, due to the Raider’s ease of acquisition, many Survivors will want to have it in their inventory. If so, here’s how to get your Raider Power Armor fast.

How to Get the Raider Power Armor in Fallout 76

image  showing  raider  power  armor  location. The easiest way to get a Raider in Fallout 76 is to complete the past Key quest on Top of the World. Other ways to get the Raider Power Armor include looting its spawn location by jumping servers and finding it through random encounters. (The Raider PA plan cannot be purchased from the vendor.)

Get the full set of Raider PA in Keys to Past Missions

Among the main quests in Fallout 76, there is a quest called “The Key to the Past”. First, players must visit Ross on top of the world, and then retrieve five lost hologram key fragments. As a bonus, Rose gives players a full set of Raider Power Armor, which can be used without crafting.

Find a piece of Abandoned Marauder Power Armor in a random encounter

Chance to encounter a pre-made Raider Power Armor at Savage Divide. One is near Hawke Refuge and the other is near White Springs Resort. However, these spawn points are random, and players may need to hop the server multiple times to get them.

Random Encounters – Raider’s Last Laugh and Personal Meltdown – reward players with talking clothes. It’s a special variant of Power Armor that can play recordings from previous owners. But statistically, it’s the same as any other release.

Server-Hop and Loot the Raider PA Locations

Pleasant Valley Cabin is one of the best places to get a full set of Raider Power Armor. Other locations are north of the Charleston Capital Building (inside a locked container) and under the West River Canyon Bridge (in a hidden vault). But since the Power Armor is generated randomly, players have to hop servers to get the desired suit.

Jump server is to change the game server. This is the act of exiting Fallout 76, entering the main menu, and entering another world with new spawns.

How to Get the Raider Power Armor Program

image  showing  raider  power  armor  locations  in  fallout  76. The blueprint for the Marauder Power Armor can only be obtained through treasure hunting. Basically, players must farm hidden treasure for a chance at any of the six blueprints. But it is purely RNG based and there is no guarantee to get the correct plan.

How to Get the Raider Power Armor Mod

Raider Vendor sells all Raider PA mods. To get them, visit Pleasant Valley Ski Resort’s Vendor Bot Resin and purchase plans with Caps.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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