Fallout 76: How to Get Stamps

The 2022 Pitt Update adds a new currency to Fallout 76: The Stamp. This is a collectible item that players can exchange for rare plans at specific vendors. But the problem with this new currency is that it’s very rare. There are only two ways to get it, and neither is easy. But don’t worry. This handy guide explains how to get more Stamps in Fallout 76 using simple tricks.

How to Get Stamps in Fallout 76

Fallout  76 map  screen  with  Pitt  expeditions  submenu  opened There are two ways to get a stamp. Players should participate in expeditions or collect them from the scoreboard. Currently, these are the only viable ways to grow the Seal, as the item is not tradable and does not appear in enemy drops.

How to Get Stamps with Expeditions

Higher level players can choose to start expedition missions or join other people’s missions. To do this, head to White Springs Resort, complete the Sanctuary daily quests, and click “Start Expedition” on the map once your Vertibird’s battery is fully charged. Or just click on Public Teams and join other players’ expeditions.

Completing the Crusade Challenge in Pitt rewards the player with 1 to 10 stamps. But bonuses depend on their performance. Basically, the more side quests they complete, the more stamps they earn.

Each player can only start one expedition per day. But there is no upper limit to the number of times they can join other people’s expeditions.

How to get stamps using the scoreboard

Fallout 76’s Battle Pass (season or scoreboard) occasionally rewards players with some stamps. Of course, Fallout 1st members are more likely to get this prized item, but regular players might be in for the favor too. The only problem is that the scoreboard rewards are not claimed manually. Players should check the board regularly and claim earned stamps.

how to use stamps

fancy  resort  with  a  ton  of  robots. From Whitespring Resort, take the first gate on the right and continue on the highway. Next to the Nuka Cola vendor, there is a new merchant, Giuseppe, who sells Pitt plans in exchange for Stamp. Talk to him and buy his notes to learn new crafting blueprints.

Tips to Earn More Stamps Faster

Like growing gold bars and treasury bills, getting more stamps is a daunting task. But it’s not impossible. Keep these tips in mind to earn more Fallout 76 Stamps : in no time

Become an expedition leader. Starting a Pitt challenge guarantees more stamps as the leader has a larger share of the hunt. Complete side quests for the expedition. Every challenge in Pitt—whether it’s Union Dues or Ashes to Fire—has three additional missions. Completing these secondary quests increases the stamps earned. Join more expeditions. There is no limit to the number of expeditions a player can undertake. So join as many as you can to grow your chops faster. Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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