Fallout 76: How to Abandon Quests

With over 40 side, side, and miscellaneous quests, Fallout 76 can be an eternal grind. But that’s not the main problem here. For many players, certain side quests act as obstacles, preventing them from progressing through the main story.

That’s when they’re looking for the “abandon” button. What they want is a way to cancel a specific task and start something else. Fortunately, Fallout 76 has an option, and the game allows players to quickly and easily cancel side quests without any real consequences.

How to Abandon a Mission in Fallout 76

image  showing  quests  in  pip-boy  in  fallout  76. To cancel a mission, the player should press the menu button, go to the log, hover over the unwanted mission, and select “Abandon Mission”. The Cancel button is in the mission options and can be seen by pressing the Y button on Xbox or the triangle on PlayStation.

It should be noted that there is no way to abandon the main task in Fallout 76. This method only applies to side tasks and miscellaneous tasks that do not affect the plot.

To restart an abandoned quest, players need only repeat the process of starting it in the first place. If an NPC offers a quest, the player should talk to them again. If a quest pops up in a particular location, they will need to revisit that area.

Aborting side quests in Fallout 76 will not allow save failures. When a quest is cancelled, its entire progress is removed and must be repeated to receive the reward.

How to see all active quests in Fallout 76

Pip-Boy Displays current main and side quests. Players simply turn on the Pip-Boy by pressing the B button (the circle on PlayStation), then open the Data tab and scroll to the main or side menu. Clicking on missions in these sections will remove them from the game’s HUD. However, that doesn’t mean they were abandoned.

How to fix quest progress errors in Fallout 76

Fallout  76 player  looking  at  quest  rewards Several patches in Fallout 76 caused questline issues that prevented players from progressing. One way to fix this kind of problem is to drop buggy or glitchy tasks. This fix doesn’t apply to the main quest, but it should fix any side or secondary quest issues.

If abandoning the mission doesn’t work, the player should save the game, log out of the server, give the game 15 minutes, and log back in. Doing so will change the world and reset the faulty mission without deleting any data.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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