Fable Dev Puts Graphics Doubters in Their Place

One of the developers of Fable 4 assured people on Twitter that the game does indeed look as good as it did in the trailer. The long-awaited Fable kicked off at the Xbox Games Showcase a few days ago and wowed fans with a look that showcased a new look for the game.

The Fable series has been a mainstay at Microsoft since the original Xbox, developed by Lionhead Studios, which eventually closed in 2016. Since 2004, the RPG series has had three mainline entries and a few spinoffs, but the series went dormant in 2014 after releasing its first game, Fable Anniversary, for the Xbox 360. In 2020, Microsoft announced that Playground Games would be in charge of the next game in the series.

After the Xbox Games Showcase, Lucas Koelz, a lighting artist who works for Playground Games, tweeted that people who don’t believe that Fable doesn’t look as good as the trailer is one of the best compliments he can get . The post is accompanied by various screenshots captured in-game that show off the game’s visuals, including Giant Dave, an enemy that people saw in the fantasy role-playing game’s latest trailer.

In the tweet, many fans were excited about the return of Microsoft’s exclusive RPG series and praised the team for their hard work on the game. The positive reviews are in stark contrast to what has been seen on YouTube, where the latest Fable 4 trailer is full of dislikes. The reason for this is unclear, but some comments have suggested that the main character’s appearance is one of the potential reasons for this.

While Microsoft confirmed that first-party games didn’t use CGI in their trailers during the showcase, it’s worth noting that Fable 4’s reels didn’t distinguish between using PC or Xbox Series X footage. This has led some fans to speculate that the version seen was not actually running on Xbox hardware.

For fans who have been waiting for the next fantasy role-playing game since 2010, visuals may not matter much when playing the game. They can rest assured that Playground Games is working hard to ensure that Fable stays true to its roots, embracing established fairy tales and incorporating the unique humor the series is known for. While Fable doesn’t have a firm release window, when the title launches, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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