Everspace 2: How to Get New Ships

Everspace 2 offers players a vast world to explore, and a wide variety of ships to use while exploring said world. Initially, players only have access to one ship, which they capture during their jailbreak at the beginning of the game, but there are many more ships that can be piloted in the game.

Everspace 2 divides its ships into several broad categories : Light, Medium and Heavy. These are further subdivided into three subclasses, with light ships divided into Scouts, Vanguards, and Stingers. Medium ships are further subdivided into Interceptors, Sentinels, and Vanguards, while Heavy ships can be subdivided into Gunships, Bombers, and Vindicators. This guide will explain how players can obtain new ships.

How to get new ships in Everspace 2

everspace  2 asteroids Everspace 2 players looking to get their hands on a new ship will first need to complete a few parts of the main story. Specifically, they must complete all main story missions up to Spares and Scrap. This chapter unlocks the ability to travel to the Plains of Nephtys, where the game’s first ship dealer can be found. (Fortunately, they’re also the ones the player needs to talk to in order to advance the main story).

As more ship dealers enter the game, this is the first opportunity players will have to purchase new ships and try out some of the new strategies they offer.

After players gain access to the Tareen and are able to unlock Ship Dealer Perks from them, a shop near the Homebase called “The Flying Dutchess” will begin stocking ships, making it easier for players to obtain new ship. The types of ships that a player can buy from any given ship dealer depend on the player’s level, with higher tier ships only available if the player is high enough level.

ship availability

Tier I (Level 1) Tier I+ (Level 1) Tier II (Level 6) Tier II+ (Level 9) Tier III (Level 13) Tier III+ (Level 17) Tier IV (Requires the Ship Dealers Perk) Yes These take into account the limitations, and once players have access to a ship dealer, they should be able to track down new ships fairly easily. Which type of ship a player chooses to use will largely depend on their personal playstyle, with each ship type focusing on different areas and offering different strengths and weaknesses.

Everspace 2 is available for PC and is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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