Epic Games Store Reveals Free Games for April 27

The Epic Games Store’s April 27 free games are Breathedge and Poker Club, but there are two games available for users to claim before then. Regular Epic Games Store users should know it’s time to practice by now. Every Thursday at 10AM ET, the Epic Games Store updates its free games, revealing what free games fans can get from the platform next week.

Right now, the Epic Games Store free games are Beyond Blue and Never Alone. Epic Games Store users interested in these games have until April 27 at 10:00 AM CT to claim them, at which point they will be phased out and replaced by Breathedge and Poker Club. Beyond Blue is a diving sim that received mixed reviews upon its initial release, while Never Alone is an award-winning co-op puzzle/platformer.

Epic Games Store users have a week to pick up Beyond Blue and Never Alone before being replaced by Breathedge and Poker Club on April 27. Breathedge and Poker Club will also offer a week of game offerings after being added for free to the Epic Games Store, and users can claim them between April 27th and May 4th. These two games should provide very different experiences for Epic Games Store users.

Epic Games Store Free Games

epic  games  store  free  games  april  2023 breathedge Beyond Blue (April 20-April 27) Never Alone (April 20-April 27) Breathedge (April 27-May 4) Poker Club (April 27 – May 4) Breathedge is a survival game in which players must survive in deep space after the space hearse they’re piloting crashes. The game has the morbid sense of humor and crafting mechanics expected from a survival game, but received mixed reviews when it first released in 2021. It’s free on the Epic Games Store anyway, so there’s no reason not to claim it and give it a try, even if it gets mixed reviews.

Unfortunately, Poker Club gets even worse reviews than Breathedge. Poker Club is a poker simulation game that first released in 2020, with critics complaining about its slow pace and technical issues. The post-launch update apparently addressed Poker Club’s larger issues, but Epic Games Store subscribers can pick up the game for free next week and try it out for themselves.

It’s safe to say there will be some Epic Games Store users who aren’t interested in Breathedge and Poker Club, but the good news is they’ll be replaced by different free-to-play games soon. Epic Games Store subscribers won’t know what the next set of free games will be until April 27th, but it will certainly be interesting to see what the first batch of free Epic Games Store games in May 2023 has to offer.

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