Elden Ring Revenant Jump Scares Tarnished

An Elden Ring player had a horrible experience with one of the Revenants in the game because it would scare them. Elden Ring can be pretty scary, and not just because of how hard it is. Some enemies in the game exude genuine terror and can scare the player, whether on purpose or not, an example of the latter being the Ulcerated Tree Spirits grabbing the player through walls. But when those intentional moments happen due to an intentional enemy mechanic, the player can do a terrible job of trying to get himself out of it.

Revenants are enemies in Elden Ring that many players have had a bad experience with. They are aggressive enemies that can attack with multiple limbs, and their boss version of the Royal Undead has devastating combos that can destroy the player. While they can be dangerous to attack at close range, that doesn’t mean they can’t approach the player from a distance. One of their standout abilities is the ability to use magic to traverse areas through portals, sometimes appearing from behind their opponents to engage them.

One unlucky Tarnished seems unaware that Revenants of the Elden Ring can do this, and falls victim to the spell when trying to pick one up from afar. On r/Eldenring, user AmnesiaKhronikk uploaded a video of them trying to take a Revenant from a distance with a bow. They only take one shot before Revenant teleports behind them. They try to escape, but the Revenant attacks them from behind, sending them off the ground, leaving the player’s health very low, while a still alive Revenant is at their feet ready to attack.

They dodge the Revenant’s attack and start running, their stamina being able to take them to the nearest ladder where they get healed. However, the pursuit didn’t seem to be over yet. When they looked down, another enemy was chasing them up. They continued climbing, only to see an Erdtree avatar blocking their way when they reached the top. Luckily, the player was able to run past them, only to get shot in the back, and make his way to the nearest Graceful Field, where they recovered from the horrific experience.

Experiences like these abound in Elden Ring, and FromSoftware has found even more ways to hurt their players by sending them through the ring. If it hadn’t died multiple times from Malenia, the toughest boss in the game, it would have been ambushed by a lobster after trying to jump over one. What makes the Elden Ring so special, however, is its ability to enter these situations and possibly emerge victorious.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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