Elden Ring Player's Impressive Dodge Goes Hilariously Wrong

While playing Elden Ring, one player managed to pull off an incredibly impressive dodge, but unfortunately, the move ended up going horribly wrong. Despite the player’s quick thinking and quick reflexes, Elden Ring ultimately humbles the player in a comical way.

It’s no secret that the Elden Ring can be brutal for many gamers who choose to head to Lands Between. Filled with difficult bosses and unexpected dangers throughout the game’s map, the adventure RPG is as fun as it is punishing. Many players have put hours of work into the game since its release last year. With its mysterious, rich world and challenging combat mechanics that make defeating enemies incredibly rewarding, Elden Ring has been hailed as a fantasy adventure masterpiece by many who played FromSoftware’s hit game. However, sometimes when the game seems to be heading in a certain direction, Elden Ring finds a way to knock players out when they least expect it.

While exploring the Eternal City of Nokstella, Reddit user Ferrrchito was attacked by a nasty silver ball, but managed to evade it at the last moment and found shelter by a bridge. However, when everything looked fine and safe, the silver sphere gave Ferrrchito the final blow, knocking them off the bridge and falling to their deaths. For many players, Elden Ring is full of surprises, and sometimes those surprises are unfortunately stifled in some of the simplest of ways.

While it’s unfortunate that Ferrrchito was killed this way, it’s also hilariously frustrating. Of all the dangerous enemies in Elden Ring, being destroyed by a giant sentient orb feels like a dumb defeat compared to all the other opponents in Lands Between. This clip presents a perfect example that Silver Spheres should not be underestimated when playing Elden Ring, as even though they seem easy to avoid in theory, they can quickly gain the upper hand if the player is not careful.

With the game gaining critical acclaim in the gaming community, Elden Ring continues to grow in popularity and presents a great and rewarding challenge to players of many different skill levels. However, the game is also an incredibly humbling experience that can catch players off guard if they’re not paying attention. With so many unexpected ways to die in the game, it’s sometimes tempting to laugh at the circumstances that lead to failure.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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