Elden Ring Player’s Fight Against Giant Crayfish Takes an Unexpected Turn

An Elden Ring player was taken aback after encountering a giant crayfish while playing FromSoftware’s open-world role-playing game. Elden Ring is not only known for its vast lore created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, but also for its extremely high difficulty level.

FromSoftware’s latest game continues a long tradition of delivering a robust combat system that tests players’ resolve for a challenge. Most enemies require patience, good timing, and a bit of luck from the player to progress through the mythic world. The journey is daunting but not impossible, as one proud parent recently demonstrated as their 8-year-old defeated the toughest boss in the Elden Ring.

In a video posted on Reddit, a user named ThaEarthquake showed off their experience battling giant crayfish while exploring Lake Liurnia. In the area between Rose Church and Boilprawn Shack, the player encounters this lone creature, and after a tough fight, the crawfish spawns grafted offspring without even noticing it. Bandai Namco recently revealed how many times players died in Elden Ring during the first year of release, and it looks like a Redditor may well be clashing with development.

Fortunately, ThaEarthquake took this devious turn in stride, taking out the multi-armed threat with ease and earning himself the rare Larval Tears in the process. Most of the comments under the video were supportive of players trying the giant crayfish for the first time, with some surprised that the Elden Ring still produced surprises even after long hours of gameplay.

Not for everyone looking to take down the strongest foes the Elden Ring has to offer. A humorous video of a player spitting out the infamous Hoarah Loux during a live stream was shared to Reddit, showing the well-timed insult leading to instant in-game consequences. Just as the insult was being thrown, Hoarah was seen unleashing a barrage of attacks that destroyed the player’s character in seconds.

The Elden Ring community is still enjoying their time in Lands Between, as videos from ThaEarthquake are still going viral. This bodes well for FromSoftware, as they are currently working on the highly anticipated expansion pack. Although it wasn’t announced until February 2022, reports suggest that the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has been in development since April 2021, meaning players may soon find some new enemies to take on.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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