Elden Ring Player Exacts Revenge on Tree Sentinel

A new Elden Ring video shows a player taking revenge on Limgrave’s Tree Sentinel. Players will encounter a variety of enemies in Elden Ring, with many challenging bosses and mini-bosses scattered around the world.

Limgrave’s Tree Sentinel is located near the beginning of the Elden Ring, and most users will encounter this enemy near one of the earliest Sites of Grace in the game. At this point, it may be very difficult for gamers to defeat Tree Sentinels, as they may need to level up first and get better gear. Due to its proximity to the opening of the Elden Ring and Site of Grace, many fans had a hard time dealing with the Tree Sentinel. Now, a satisfying clip shows a user attempting to exact revenge on the enemy.

A Reddit user named The_OG_Ranye shared a clip of their encounter with the Tree Sentinel in the Elden Ring, confirming that the fight took place on New Game+. According to the description of the post, the user wanted to pay off the Tree Sentinel for the number of times he was killed in the Elden Ring. Players ended up completing this task with relative ease, as they managed to defeat Limgrave’s Tree Sentinel without taking a hit.

The_OG_Ranye uses the Bloodhound’s Step ability to dodge enemy attacks while dealing damage with two broadswords. With the Tree Sentinel still having a lot of health, The_OG_Ranye takes about a minute to defeat this boss, but they manage to get revenge on an enemy who probably killed them multiple times in the first game.

A player in the comment section thinks New Game+ in Elden Ring is their revenge trip, because they presumably travel around the world and kill all the bosses and mini-bosses without any trouble. Some players also claimed that the New Game+ mode gave them the opportunity to try out different builds in Elden Ring, allowing them to come up with new tactics or strategies.

One player mentioned that it only took three hits to kill the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave in New Game+, while some other players asked about the build used in the video. Overall, it looks like a lot of fans have encountered the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave, as several users have shared stories of their encounters with this enemy.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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