Elden Ring Player Dies to Margit at the Worst Possible Time

In a fierce battle with the Elden Ring’s first boss, Margit (Omen of the Fallen), a new player suffers defeat at the worst possible time. About a year and a half after Elden Ring launched to unfathomable universal acclaim, new players are entering Lands Between for the first time, and many of them will be exposed to the powerful Omen that stands before Stormveil Castle.

Limgrave, the first area of Elden Ring’s huge open world, is home to Stormveil Castle, a massive fortress surrounded by wild winds and dark green skies, with many valuable items for players to discover. Before players can embark on a quest, they must pass the game’s first skill check and the main boss, Margit, the Omen of the Fallen, who wields a massive staff as well as a plethora of golden weapons. While there’s a hidden path to the right of Storm Veil that eventually makes Margit and the entire castle optional, many first-time tarnished won’t realize it, and they have to take Margit to get in The castle complex was, later, their first shard holder.

Reddit user and first-time Elden Ring player 65dollars posted a video of them confronting Margit, who bites the dust with just one sneeze. The player mishandles Margit’s second stage hammer slam and is brought within an inch of his own life. The player steps back to take a gulp of health, only to find that their flask is empty. With both lives hanging by a thread, Margit makes the final close, and the players strike nervously again.

Margit starts his swing, and instead of dodging, the players start their own swing a millisecond later. The two of them fatally strike each other at the same time, and the player sees the dreaded “you’re dead” pop-up, before the more exciting “enemy is down” message appears on their screen. While this is an unfortunate moment, with confirmation that Margit has been killed, players are free to continue exploring the secrets of Stormveil Castle.

As any seasoned Souls veteran knows, dodging boss attacks and survivability are more important than dealing damage in most situations. However, the moment a really tough boss has just a little health left, it’s easy to let Best Practice slip out the window and instead frantically pounce on the final blow. As the bodyguard of Stormveil Castle, Margit, the Omen of the Fallen, still seems to be giving new players plenty of hell.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.