Elden Ring Player Defeats Mohg With Just Pyromancy

An Elden Ring player has successfully used fire spells to defeat Mohg, the Lord of Blood, the refractory boss. In Elden Ring, almost any boss can be fought with any build, some just take more time to die than others, such as when the player is only holding the torch against the Elden Beast. Since each boss type is different, each boss has a specific damage type, they are weak, and they are not only strong, but immune. While most players work around these and try to beat the boss with their average build, or make a specific build that targets their weakness, some players like to go against it and try to beat them with their immunity.

Blood Lord Mog is an optional Elden Ring boss that the player encounters after walking through the Mogwynn Palace. Like any boss in Elden Ring, Mohg can be a challenge to any player as long as he isn’t stuck in a corner. His weaknesses include physical and gravity attacks, and a surprising amount of bleeding. However, he is highly resistant to fire, frostbite, scarlet rot, and poison.

However, when a player was determined to kill the Bloodlord using one of the damage types he was resistant to, he was burned to death. On r/Eldenring, user felix uploaded a video of them dealing with Mohg. While the player has been able to take out Mogg with 3 cerulean comets, this player is fighting Mogg with fire. In the clip, it shows the player using a single fire spell for what appears to be most of the fight, a flame spell called Catch Flame, casting it over and over, avoiding his attacks or healing damage until he falls .

The Catch Flame is the starting item for the Elden Ring Seer class, making it a fairly basic form of magic with a very limited range. Nevertheless, the player managed to defeat Mohg using this minor fire spell, despite the battle going on for a long time. As many in the comments have said, this combined with Mohg’s resistance to fire making for less damage makes for an impressive overall fight.

It’s clear that players in Elden Ring want to challenge themselves, not just by playing the difficult game itself, but by limiting themselves. There are countless stories of players fighting the toughest boss in the game, Malenia, at rune level 1 using weapons like the unupgraded Vulgar Milita Saw. Despite the game’s inherent difficulty, there is room for new players to grow and establish themselves so they can take on the toughest challenges the game has to throw at them. All they need to do is keep pushing, just like the players do in this situation.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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