Elden Ring Player Defeats Malenia in 10 Seconds

The Elden Ring player somehow managed to defeat Malenia in just 10 seconds. Malenia is probably the hardest boss in Elden Ring, and she can only be challenged after going through a difficult late-game optional area.

Despite the difficulty of the fight, some Elden Ring fans challenged themselves to take on Malenia in unusual circumstances, making an already challenging fight even harder. For example, an Elden Ring player defeated Malenia at level 1 without rolling for the entire duration of the fight. In addition to these rules, some fans have also shared videos of how they quickly beat Malenia, a task that one player now takes just 10 seconds to do.

A Reddit user named jdyhrberg shared clips of their fight with Malenia in the Elden Ring, confirming that they managed to defeat the boss in just 10 seconds. As you can see in the video, the player quickly drains a lot of health with a few jump attacks as the fight transitions into its second phase. The player then throws a cryojar at Malenia, before finishing her off with an extra attack in just 10 seconds.

Reddit poster jdyhrberg mentioned the video as a response to another clip showing an Elden Ring player beating Malenia in 15 seconds. It looks like both players are using the exact same strategy, and while jdyhrberg appears to be a bit faster than another player named RS_Lionheart, players should note that this fight will not take place on New Game+7. In one of the comments, jdyhrberg claimed to be using the same build as RS_Lionheart, confirming that they were using the Beastman’s curved sword weapon for this video.

Players mentioned that jumping attacks with the powerful Beastman Curved Sword can create a huge 4-hit combo, allowing them to trigger various effects in the same move. According to jdyhrberg, the katana in Elden Ring won’t be able to match the damage output of this tactic. In another comment, the player claimed to have beaten Malenia about 200 times using different strategies.

Other Elden Ring fans seemed impressed by the video, with many inquiring about completing the build. On the other hand, one player didn’t give the same level of praise, stating that the timer should start ticking after passing through the Mist Gate to accommodate the different types of ranged classes in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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