Elden Ring Player Defeats Fire Giant With 'Squidward Build'

An Elden Ring player came into contact with their musical side when they got in touch with “Squidward Build” and defeated the Fire Giant boss. With a game that has a build system as versatile and extensive as Elden Ring’s, players can create any build they want. In addition to creating powerful buildings, the right mix of stats, weapons, and armor lends itself to players dressing up as their favorite characters, like one Elden Ring player created an incredible Kratos build. However, this player is not a powerful god, but the character of a talking squid under the sea.

The Fire Giant is one of several boss fights required to progress the player through the main story of Elden Ring, and the player needs to defeat him to reach Crumbling Farum Azula. The Fire Giant fight is a tough two-phase boss fight, as the boss uses a variety of attacks, notably an annoying rolling attack that the Fire Giant can send. If the player is a magic spellcaster, it is recommended to use spells that are fast and have a high hit rate.

One player, however, has adopted a more musical approach to combat, utilizing what they call a “Squidward Build.” Posting to r/Eldenring, user oh_diddums uploaded a clip of their character, colored and dressed to look exactly like Squidward, fighting fire giants with envoy horns, a type that only drops from large oracle envoys hammer weapon. While it can be used as a melee weapon, its more prominent ability is found in the Bubble Rain skill, which is strong against dragons.

Players use this attack against fire giants, damaging them by spraying their weak spots with massive bubbles and bringing them into the second phase of the fight. The second stage is slightly easier, mainly because the Fire Giant’s weak point is more open, therefore, this stage doesn’t last long and Elden Ring players can take them down easily.

Thanks to Elden Ring’s build customizability, any character is possible within reason, thanks to the wide variety of weapons, spells, and armor. With such versatility, any player can take on almost any boss at will, and even low-intelligence mage builds can succeed in Elden Ring. No matter what troubles the player has, Elden Ring gives players plenty of freedom to explore their builds, whether it’s a truly powerful build or one suited to a popular cartoon character.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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