Elden Ring Player Betrays Co-Op Partner Who Solo'd Malenia for Them

An Elden Ring player fights Malenia alone for their partner, but ends up being betrayed by the master. Elden Ring has several difficult bosses, many of which have multiple stages, but Malenia may be the hardest of them all.

Bandai Namco recently revealed some interesting stats about the Elden Ring, confirming that gamers have attempted to defeat Malenia 329 million times. In comparison, Margit had 281 million attempts, and Radagon had 148 million attempts. Due to the difficulty of these battles, Elden Ring allows users to summon other players to play together, with some players preferring to let them fight alone, allowing the host to win for free. However, not all hosts welcomed the gesture, as the hosts would end up betraying their partners in the battle against Malenia.

A Reddit user named bbbonkk was summoned to fight Malenia in the Elden Ring, which the player claimed fought her themselves. As seen in the video, Malenia is in her second phase, the fight is coming to an end, and the boss is just a few hits away from defeat. However, the hosts sent bbbonkk back to their world, presumably to end Malenia after their mate drained most of her health.

Other users in the comments section seemed to give up on the moderator’s chances of winning the fight, as many thought they died after sending bbbonkk back to their world. On the other hand, some claim that these players managed to take down Malenia and boasted of defeating her without using the co-op feature in Elden Ring. Overall, players seem to be annoying whenever something like this happens, with one user claiming to stop helping others after being on the receiving end multiple times. Some fans also believe that nothing like this happened while playing the Dark Souls games.

For those who don’t know, using the Finger Severer multiplayer item in the Elden Ring ends the encounter as the summoned player is sent back to their world. This is useful in multiple situations, as it allows the summoned user to quickly exit the match if desired, but hosts can also use it to send their buddies home. However, this video shows why gamers in the comments section are discouraged from helping other players, as it allows moderators to take full credit for their hard work.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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