Elden Ring Player Beats Malenia Using Only Parries While Taking No Damage

The Elden Ring player defeated Malenia without taking any damage using only the parry mechanic. Gamers will encounter many challenging bosses in Elden Ring, but Malenia may be the hardest boss in the game. Bandai Namco recently revealed some interesting stats about the game, confirming that Elden Ring players have attempted to defeat Malenia over 300 million times since the game’s release.

Despite the difficulty of the fight, some FromSoftware fans challenged themselves to beat Malenia in even tougher situations, such as imposing limits on themselves. For example, some users fought Malenia at level 1 of the Elden Ring, while others defeated her without even rolling. Now, another player manages to defeat Malenia using only the parry mechanic, and they take no damage.

A Reddit user named martin779 shared a video of them fighting Malenia in the Elden Ring, showing how they beat the boss by following these rules. As seen at the beginning of the video, the player’s health bar is incredibly low, making them one step away from death. Also, they don’t have any Crimson Tears Flask equipped, so they can’t heal in combat. Martin779 carefully avoided all of her attacks while parrying Malenia as best he could, and it took them about two minutes to get into the second phase of the fight.

Malenia’s second phase looked more challenging, but martin779 kept chipping away at her health with parry mechanics and finally achieved their goal in impressive fashion. Players also shared some tactical advice and other thoughts, confirming that her overhead slash requires tight timing to block properly, and her deadly Mizudance attack is unblockable under any circumstances.

Many users in the comments section seemed impressed with martin779’s skills, with one comparing this video to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s gameplay. It looks like some players are also trying to beat Malenia using only parry mechanics, as one user claimed that it took them four days to beat her using only parry while taking damage.

Some Elden Ring fans also commented on how martin779 used a regular attack on Malenia before the second phrase switch. However, players stated that Malenia is unable to enter the second phase with parry damage, so users need to attack her to proceed to the next phase of the fight.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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