Elden Ring Opponents Die Identically in Bizarre Colosseum Fight

Several Elden Ring players ended up dying in much the same way while facing each other in one of the game’s colosseums. Developer FromSoftware has released several updates for Elden Ring, many of which focus on improving the game’s balance in addition to bug fixes.

Some of these updates also come with new features, such as the Elden Ring’s Colosseum update, which opens up various arenas for PvP battles. Players can use these arenas for solo and team PvP encounters, with the option to enable Ashes of Spirits. Now, a weird Elden Ring clip shows two opponents dying identically during a match in one of the Colosseums.

A Reddit user named effhk shared a video of the odd PvP fight, which featured a tense encounter in which players on both sides used greatswords available in the Elden Ring. Both players miss their first strikes, but the fight settles into a rhythm where the players attack each other with their weapons at the same time. It seemed like both players kept hitting the attack button just to win, but they ended up dying at the same time as the word “stalemate” appeared on the screen to indicate a tie.

These Elden Ring fans may think they are more dynamic than their opponents, which would explain why they keep attacking each other instead of trying to dodge or use other abilities. A player in the comments called this video a true test of vitality, as Elden Ring gamers often die from not spending enough points to increase their health total.

Another user noted the exact moment when two players made a conscious decision to fight to the death, while one player called it a high-intensity but low-intelligence build. It also appears that some players are unaware that battles in the Elden Ring Colosseum can end in a draw. According to another user, the video shows how the game is played, as it features direct duels, with players constantly rolling or spamming attacks in the Elden Ring.

In addition to Colosseums, FromSoftware recently released a new update to Elden Ring that adds support for ray tracing features. However, some users don’t seem impressed with the feature, as players have reported performance issues with enabling it.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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