Dying Light 2 Releases Huge New Update 1.10

Dying Light 2’s latest update has arrived, offering a plethora of improvements and new content, with a focus on adding “physics and brutality” to the action-horror game’s combat. Update 1.10.0, known as the Gut Feeling Update, also added several exciting new features, such as the Gear Transmogrification system, weapon crafting, and the Pilgrim Outpost site with bounties. Dying Light 2 fans should have a good excuse to go back to the game to see what’s new.

Dying Light 2 launched in early February 2022 and sold over 5 million copies in its first month of release. Since then, Techland has focused on ongoing support and post-launch content, committing to “5+ years of support”. DLC and updates focusing on factions, challenges, the Dying Light 2 Story DLC, and more have since been released and teased. The Intuition update has been planned for a while and will arrive on schedule.

The focus of the update is, as Gut Feeling’s name suggests, improving the feel of visceral violence in Dying Light 2. First up are the visual improvements, as Techland is adding new dismemberment animations, visualizations of specific enemy damage including exposed bones or eyeballs, and other improvements like better blood and guts and more shattered head visuals. Gameplay is also affected, though, with new hit detection for how enemies react to certain weapons, more dismemberment options for enemy limbs, dismemberment through environmental damage, and burns and electrocutions that spread through groups of enemies.

Aside from the brutal changes, several major features have been added. Gear transmogrification is self-explanatory, allowing players to adjust their appearance independently of what gear they have equipped. Weapon crafting will allow players to collect weapon blueprints like the original Dying Light, which can then be crafted with random affixes.

The Pilgrim Outpost website is particularly interesting. From here, players can activate bounties and earn Pilgrim reputation points upon completion. Earning Prestige Levels earns Pilgrim Tokens, which in turn can be spent in the Armory to acquire unique weapons and gear – including some exclusive to Pilgrim Outpost. Bounties are refreshed weekly, encouraging players to re-experience Dying Light 2 for special challenges and rewards.

Dying Light 2 has a host of other changes as well. Players can teleport to their co-ops, the number of Night Roars has been rebalanced, enemies can now be knocked down with slides, two-handed weapons have been buffed, and there are more encounters during the day. This is just the first taste of Dying Light 2’s intuition update, and players can experience it now.

Dying Light 2 Intuition Update Patch Notes (1.10.0)

Combat Improvements, Including Brutality and Carnality – As the name of the update suggests, in this patch we’re focusing on the physical combat and brutality surrounding it. Spice up your killing game with brutal treatment of infected and human-type enemies. Halve the demolisher — and everything else — in half. More dismemberment! Each limb can be cut in 3 places. New visualization of damage done to enemies (visible bones, ribs, eyeballs, etc.).

VFX tweaks for blood and guts. Players can tear off a chunk of flesh, leaving a hole in an enemy. “Spill the beans” literally, has the potential to rip the guts out of your enemies. New hit detection code to improve how enemies react to being hit by weapons. More broken head variants. Introducing “Domino Ragdolls”, where enemies can knock each other down and react appropriately to the force and weight pushing them. More ragdoll improvements for immersive and emergent gameplay. Added the ability to dismember enemies by colliding with environment objects. Allows Biters to seamlessly fall from heights, including rooftops. Enemies can pass burn and shock effects to each other. Added new hit reactions and improved some existing reactions.

Gear Transmog – We know how important it is to maintain the best possible stats in the game and look good while you’re doing it. That said, we’ve introduced the Gear Transmog feature to help you slay your enemies in style! You can now modify the visuals of most gear with a new slot called “Appearance”. Weapon Crafting – To kill your enemies with grace you need the right weapons, we understand how durability allows you to cycle through your arsenal and how difficult it is to loot good weapons. With Weapon Crafting, we give you complete control over your gear. Crafting will happen.Craftmasters (hooray!). You’ll need to acquire weapon blueprints by exploring cities or claiming them as rewards. You can then find your claimed blueprints in the Craftmaster’s shop. Important note : blueprints are upgradeable – the higher the blueprint level, the better quality weapons you get. The level of the blueprint determines the amount of damage, durability, modifier slots and affixes. Affixes (additional properties such as “+20% increased damage to humans”) are randomized when crafting weapons – good luck, Pilgrim! As always, crafting requires resources.

Introducing Pilgrim Outpost – Pilgrim Outpost is here! A new hub for all Dying Light fans has opened, and it includes some long-awaited new features. Visit pilgrimoutpost.com, the one and only Spike is already there waiting for you. Activate bounties and complete them in-game to earn new Pilgrim reputation points. These points increase your Pilgrim Prestige Level, and for each level, you earn Pilgrim Tokens. You can spend them in the Armory, where you can buy unique weapons and clothing from Pilgrim Outpost merchants. We regularly update our offerings. With Pilgrim Tokens, you can also buy Outpost Drops, where you can get random crafting materials and weapons. If you’re lucky, you can get one of five new Pilgrim weapons exclusive to the Pilgrim Outpost. The more bounties you complete, the better gear you can get. Each week, you’ll get six unique bounties to complete. If you do all of them, you’ll get extra reputation points. In-Game Bounties – For those hungry for a new challenge, we have new Daily and Weekly Bounties : Bounties introduced after the Prologue. Bounties are divided into categories : Daily – One simple bounty per day. Weekly – A challenging bounty to complete over the course of a week.

Completing daily and weekly bounties will provide you with in-game rewards (such as XP – if you’ve already played a Legendary level, you’ll get Legendary Points). For every 5 daily or weekly bounties you complete, you’ll receive an additional reward – a bounty box with the potential to drop special weapons and other gear.

Highlights – This update brings some major changes that will affect gameplay. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this update. Teleport to other players in co-op. Players in a co-op session can call out teammates during co-interactions (for example, talking to NPCs or sleeping). Ability to disassemble weapons for crafting resources. Two-handed weapons get some love for their ability to add mods. In-game event participation can be turned on/off. Rebalanced the number of Night Growlers. Players can knock enemies down by sliding into them. Encounter more special infected people during the day.

On top of that, we’ll be releasing various skin packs over the next few weeks. With these, you’ll stand out in The City! Co-op improved stability related to console game crashes when other users try to connect. Aiden’s head animation when turning while hanging from a pole or pipe now displays correctly. Fixed a game crash for Host or Companion after completing the Carriers 3 side quest. Fixed an issue where hosts could experience a black screen during a conversation. In-game music no longer stops playing when a player falls during a Bloody Ties challenge. The functionality of mines was fixed. Adjusted the tooltip of the respawn button to make it more intuitive for players. Players are now able to see the distance to teammates when knocked down in co-op sessions. Players will no longer see multiple icons when joining a co-op session. Players in co-op are less likely to appear in NPC models after dialogue or cutscenes. Notifications about being unable to join a co-op session have been improved to reflect more accurate information to players.

Gameplay There will no longer be a large number of tyrants and tyrants in the open world. Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete achievements. Players can no longer perform a Knife Takedown and instantly kill Infestors of a higher level than Aiden. Fixed a bug where Biters would grab Aiden one by one. It’s easier to aim for the head with a baseball bat. Adjusted the stamina consumption of advanced weapons. Players will be able to escape Volatile if QTE hold mode is enabled. Attack animations for some weapons are now faster, allowing for accurate timing of all attacks. Between 10am and 12pm there are suitable lights in various locations. under certain weather conditions. Fixed an issue where Haakon would become unresponsive, behave inappropriately, or not follow the correct path during various quests. Fixed missing loot in sunken airdrops. Human enemies no longer die instantly after removing their masks. Improved Spitter’s sabotage behavior. Added missing textures on city maps. Fixed an issue where missing crafting plans caused game progress to be blocked. Appropriate timing changes when the player dies during the “reach to safety” objective. Fixed multiple issues related to Aiden incorrectly respawning. The correct animation plays when using the “Ground Pound” skill. Aiden’s models will no longer lose collision when jumping over certain points in Artist Workshops, Trading Posts, and Rooftop Schools. Players will no longer move below the map when changing any legendary outfit. Instant Escape stabbing audio fixed. Fixed not being able to play from chapters in some cases. In X13 missions, players can no longer see what is below the map. In the final battle of the Bloody Ties DLC, players can no longer get unlimited spears. Improved taunt animation sound for Renegades. Shadows relative to player movement will be rendered correctly. No more waltzing after game completion – he will no longer randomly spawn. Dynamic races don’t trigger very often near hubs. Blocked discoverable and detectable areas during dynamic matches.

Technical improvements to memory usage and performance during longer game sessions. Update XeSS to 1.1. XeSS is now the default upscaler on ARC. Improved foliage lighting. Improved dissolve dithering to better simulate transparency. Improves water reflections, turbidity and refraction. Enabling ray tracing improves shadows. Improved specular reflection for chemicals. Improved volume shadows. Memory usage optimization. Fixed mesh flickering on some models. Fixed a game crash when photo mode was spammed during windmill or antenna panel animations. Fixed left hand grab animation.

UI Fixed missing text in stash, respawn, bounty, fast travel menu, inventory, crafting and collectibles menus. Fixed text translation when starting a parkour challenge before acquiring a paraglider. Health bars are now visible during grabbing animations. Stamina bars are depleted as usual when Aiden dies and respawns. Fixed minor typos and translation errors.

Dying Light 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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