Dredge: Where to Find Stoplight Loosejaw

After visiting the old fortress in Stellar Basin, Excavator players will encounter a researcher who offers a multi-part quest. At the center of this Pursuit is bringing aquatic life to researchers, and there’s one fish in particular that fans can have a hard time finding. Specifically, players may have some difficulty trying to locate the Stoplight Loosejaw in the Dredge, and this guide aims to point those fans in the right direction.

Unblock: Traffic Light Loosejaw Location

dredge  stoplight  loosejaw  location Players can obtain the Stoplight Loosejaw in the Dredge from two locations, the first is just northeast of the old fort, in the southwest corner of E6. The precise location of the location has been marked on the map above for clarity, and fans of the fishing video game will see the red light moving underwater when they arrive. These lights confirm the presence of Slackjaws, and players can catch one from disturbed water.

Alternatively, players looking for the Stoplight Loosejaw can turn their attention southeast of the Stellar Basin. In fact, the elusive fish is also congregating in the southwest corner of H2, and its red light should once again help fans of Lovecraft’s video games pinpoint its exact location. If players do not see these lights, they should simply check the map below, as the relevant locations are marked there.

dredge  stoplight  loosejaw  location Regardless of which specific fishing spot the player used to obtain the Stoplight Loosejaw, they should return the creature to the researcher at the Old Bastion after obtaining it. If the turn in turns out to be the completion of the research assistant quest, fans will receive their reward : a book titled Future Projects.

For those curious players, future plans offer a 15% chance of not reducing fish schools when fishing with a rod. This reward is a nice addition to the rewards offered by Sustainable Fishing Books, which are earned by completing the Package Delivery quest, and fans of the indie video game should make sure to activate Future Project Fortress before breaking away from the old one.

As for what players should do after catching the Stoplight Loosejaw, completing the Research Assistant Pursuit, and earning A Plan for the Future, locating the relic is likely to be the next task. That could mean targeting a ring found at the center of a stellar basin, or fans of open-world video games might be ready to visit a whole new area.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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