Dredge: Where to Find Snake Mackerel

Figure in Blue is an optional Pursuit in Dredge that players can activate by talking to a hooded figure on an island east of Blackstone Isle. To complete the Pursuit, fans must bring three fish to the figure, the last being a snake mackerel. For those players who may have trouble finding Snake Mackerel in Dredge, this guide can help.

It should be noted that the blue pursuit figure has a timer, if the player takes too long to buy the Snake Mackerel, they will not be able to turn it in. So fans of the fishing video game who have already spoken to the blue hooded figure should hurry up so they don’t miss out on the related rewards. It’s also worth mentioning that there are several other hooded characters in Dredge who offer Pursuits that must also be completed quickly.

Dredging: Snake Mackerel Location

Snake Mackerel is a coastal fish found in the waters of Devil’s Spine, an area in the northeast corner of the map. While this fish can be caught with a fishing rod, it may be easier with a basic or improved trawl. In fact, fans of the indie open world game deployed one of the nets and sailed in the direction of Devil’s Spine, likely catching a mackerel before they reached land in the area.

dredge  snake  mackerel  location Reward for players who give a Snake Mackerel to a Hooded Figure and complete the Blue Pursuit Figure for a book called The Haggling and Bartering Guide : Once read, the tome will increase the player’s sell price by 5% and reduce the purchase price by 5%, a nice addition to the rewards provided by the Silver Tongue Art. That said, it’s certainly possible for fans of the Lovecraftian video game to beat Dredge without haggling and bartering rewards, since there’s no shortage of money.

In fact, players can fill up their coffers fairly quickly by selling fish at the fish market and mining for trinkets. Fishing nets and crab pots can also be used to create an additional income stream with minimal maintenance and fans are advised to deploy these devices as often as possible. Players who follow this advice should find that they have a lot of cash on hand, which they can use to buy upgrades for their ships, equipment, and even refined metals in the Dredge.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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