Dredge: Where to Find Conger Eel

Dredge’s Best Before Pursuit asks the player to bring the old conger eel to the inhabitants of Ingfell. The first step in solving this quest is to locate conger eels, and indeed, these creatures can be quite elusive. For those of you who are having trouble finding Conger Eels in the Dredge, this guide can help.

Dredging: Conger Locations

Players looking for Conger Eels should start by waiting for nightfall. Indeed, these aquatic creatures can only be found after the fog has set in, and fans looking for them during the day will have nothing to gain. Additionally, dredger players should make sure they have a rod capable of fishing in shallow water before setting out.

After completing these preparations, players looking around the perimeter of Gale Cliffs will find several fishing spots, where moray eels are found. One of these sites is located in the northwest corner of P4, which is marked on the map below. Players can also catch conger eels inside the Gale Cliffs at night, including in the center of 03, though these waters are more dangerous.

3 Image dredge  conger  eel  map  1 dredge  conger  eel  map  2 dredge  conger  eel  location Close After catching a Conger Eel, the player should head to a nearby dock to rest until the creature’s condition reads “Decomposed”. Fans are then free to return to Ingfell Resident to complete the Best Before Pursuit and claim their rewards. More specifically, players who complete this Dredge side quest will receive $150, which they can use to buy equipment, upgrades, and materials.

It’s important to note that conger eels are certainly not the only rare creatures that call Gale Cliffs home, as oarfish are also found in the area. For the uninitiated, this exotic fish plays a role in Dredge’s Recording Rarities Pursuit, and it can be found behind a waterfall in the O3. Players will need a deep-sea fishing rod to catch oarfish, though, and it’s unlikely they’ll have such equipment when they’re doing “Pursuit of the Best.”

That said, fans without an Abyssal pole may still want to walk through the waterfall at Gale Cliffs while in the area, as there’s a piece of Refined Metal in a far alcove. Indeed, this is a very important material in Dredge for hull upgrades, and players should not miss the chance to get it for free.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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