Dredge: Where to Find Barreleye

In E9, the Dredge’s Figure in Purple Pursuit can be activated by talking to the hooded figure on the south side of the island, which requires the player to capture three aquatic creatures. The third of these creatures is the barreleye, and it can be a little difficult to track down one of these creatures. Luckily, fans can always find two Barreleye locations in Dredge, and this guide provides more details on those locations here.

It should be noted that players will need a fishing rod capable of fishing in deep waters to catch Barreleye. For Unifiers, such rods can be obtained after completing the first half of the Research Assistant Pursuit in Dredge. This quest is obtained by talking to the researcher of the old fortress in the Stellar Basin. Readers who have not yet received the relevant scepter, please hurry up, because the task of the purple character must be completed within a time window.

Dredger: Barreleye Location

With a suitable fishing rod, players looking for a Barreleye should head to the NW corner of E1 or the SW corner of G6. In fact, the elusive fish can be found in both locations anytime, fans just have to cast their line into the turbulent deep waters and reel in one. For complete clarity, the two fishing spots are marked on the follow map, and Dredge players are free to return to the hooded figure once they have Barreleye on board.

dredge  barreleye  location Fans who turn in the Barreleye in Dredge and complete the Purple Pursuit Figure will be rewarded with Pushing The Limit: Engines, a book that increases speed by 7.5% after reading. While this is undoubtedly a nice activation bonus, don’t get too frustrated if players don’t claim the book quickly enough. In fact, the available engine has plenty of power without the help of any bonuses, and fans of Lovecraftian video games can move at high speeds regardless of the books they claim.

Last but not least, there are three other Figure Pursuits in Dredge, each rewarding a book when completed. That said, fans should make sure to act quickly when launching these missions, as they have timers just like the purple characters.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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